Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Mobile-Exclusive Out Now (Android, iOS iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

19 Jan

Final Fantasy: Airborne Brigade Characters Banner Artwork of Sephiroth, Cloud, Lightning

Not a fan of the artstyle….

Final Fantasy: Airborne Brigade is a mobile-exclusive Final Fantasy RPG you likely have not played, and have not heard of. It’s been out in the United States since early December 2012 for both Android and iOS platforms (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad).

The game is a social-networking-oriented Card-based traditional Japanese RPG, originally created exclusively for Japanese mobile phones, but brought to iOS/Android for the U.S. and Canadian version.

The game focuses on player’s ability to come together and form parties (or “brigades”) and ride airships as a group, with cross-platform (meaning Android and iOS players can play together despite playing on different platforms), cooperative RPG gameplay. Like a traditional RPG, players will level-up, explore an overworld, enter dungeons, collect spells & summons, earn items and equipment, select Jobs (ala Final Fantasy III/FFVI), and fight random battles against enemies and powerful bosses. All the while they will collect and evolve Cards that represent famous characters from throughout the Final Fantasy series, from Final Fantasy VII’s Sephiroth and Cloud to Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning.

Final Fantasy: Airborne Brigade Chocobos Screenshot Artwork

Meet Chocobos in Final Fantasy: Airborne Brigade for iOS/Android.

The game uses the same art-style (a really stupid one if you ask me) that is used in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and the mobile Kingdom Hearts titles.

“Final Fantasy: Airborne Brigade engages players in battles against classic series monsters, allows exploration and utilizes an addictive social concept.”

Final Fantasy: Airborne Brigade Ifrit Boss Summon Screenshot Artwork

Face-off against powerful summons like Ifrit!

“We’re very proud to offer Final Fantasy fans based in North America our own take on the themes and ideals of the series with the launch of the mobile game Final Fantasy: Airborne Brigade,” said Kenji Kobayashi, director at Korean developer DeNA. “In celebration of the franchise’s 25th anniversary this year, we have worked hard to create a unique gameplay experience where players can elevate each other through fun, cooperative play.”

Final Fantasy: Airborne Brigade Synopsis:
In a realm beset by encroaching darkness, no one needs to fight alone.
Form mighty brigades and adventure with friends. FINAL FANTASY AIRBORNE BRIGADE is the newest mobile incarnation of the blockbuster FINAL FANTASY series.
You and your friends must band together and embark on a quest to restore light to the kingdom’s last guardian crystal.

Final Fantasy: Airborne Brigade Airships With Friends Screenshot Artwork

Gather with friends, forge brigades, and ride airships!

Key Features of Final Fantasy: Airborne Brigade:
* Collect powerful abilities, iconic jobs, and legendary weapons. Meet chocobos and major characters from the series’s expansive roster.
* Battle Espers like Ifrit and Shiva, and fight some of the series’s most powerful foes alongside friends.
* Collect cards featuring major characters from throughout the Final Fantasy series.
* Join forces with friends and compete against others to become the top brigade!
* Explore quest areas, battle bosses, meet chocobos and gain levels!
* Regular events offering exclusive legendary weapons!
* Final Fantasy: Airborne Brigade is powered by Mobage, the best, free, social game network.
* Tagline: FINAL FANTASY AIRBORNE BRIGADE: Where friendship truly matters.


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