Trials: Evolution Gold Edition Release Date For PC (Retail and Digital) Is March 21 2013. Includes Complete Trials Evolution and All Trials HD Tracks

19 Jan

Trials Evolution Gold Edition PC Soundtrack CD Gold Bike Royal Rider Artwork

Trials Evolution Gold comes to PC with nifty extras like a soundtrack.

Trials: Evolution – Gold Edition will be released for PC at retail(!) and digitally via Steam, etc. on March 21st 2013.

This news was announced to celebrate the great success of the side-scrolling Excitebike-style platform/racing/puzzle game series which has sold an amazing 4 million units since the release of Trials HD in 2009 for Xbox Live Arcade. Its sequel, Trials Evolution was so successful it hit a launch-day sales record for Xbox Live Arcade when it was released last year (2012).

Trials Evolution Gold Edition will include the complete Trials HD game alongside every track from Trials HD. Additionally the retail game will come in a steelcase box and include the game’s official Trials Evolution Soundtrack. Also included will be a Gold Bike, Gold Wheels and Gold Rider Outfit.

Here is a video with tons of gameplay footage from Trials Evolution.


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