PS3 Skyrim DLC For All Expansions (Dragonborn, Hearthfire, Dawnguard) Release February 2013

21 Jan

All Skyrim PS3 DLC Releases In February 2013 IGN Banner

IGN’s beautiful Naomi Kyle reporting on PS3 Skyrim DLC releasing.

All PS3 Skyrim DLC and Expansions for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be released in February 2013 confirmed Bethesda, including the PlayStation 3 versions of Dragonborn, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard.

This will come as great news for PS3 owners following previous comments Bethesda has made that they had completely given up on attempting to port the expansions to the PS3, due to the complexity of the system and programming games for it that have been released on Xbox 360/PC.

Due to the complexity of the cell chip, it becomes difficult to port games from Xbox 360 to PS3, the architecture is completely different. And the Xbox 360, due to the ease of development and higher sales, has been the main development platform for multiplatform title for years now. According to Bethesda, they failed at getting the PS3 DLC for Skyrim to run smoothly, and decided to give up on the endeavor.

However it now seems that they have indeed put the effort into it, and reversed course. Could this be due to the PS3 outselling Xbox 360 worldwide for the first time late last year?

Either way, it may be too-little-too-late for a lot of gamers, who may have decided to pick up the Steam, PC or Xbox 360 versions of Skyrim, where they could buy all the Downloadable Content. But for those who only have the PS3 version, they certainly will be glad to hear this news.

Additionally, all Skyrim expansions will sell for 50% off during their launch week on the PlayStation Network as a thank-you to Bethesda fans who have had to wait for so long on their preferred platform.

Bethesda will also update Skyrim’s PS3 version to 1.8 following the release of Dragonborn on PC on February 5th. Specific dates for DLC on PS3 were not divulged.

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