WiiU Virtual Console Famicon 30th Anniversary 30 Cent NES/SNES Campaign Exact Date Schedule

30 Jan

Famicon Mario Toy and Controller

Yay for Mario and Famicon controller! So awesome!

The WiiU pre-launch Virtual Console Famicon 30th Anniversary 30-Cent Games for 30 days campaign schedule has been announced. These are the exact dates of each of the upcoming 30 Cent games that will be released. The Famicon (which stands for “Family Computer”) is the Japanese version of the NES, which launched in Japan in 1983.

Each game will be available for 30 days after the start of the month, and can be purchased for only 30 cents. These games will be available, one a month, leading up to the official launch of the WiiU Virtual Console, at which point they will revert back to their normal price of $5-6 dollars (for NES games) or $7-8 (for SNES games). If you already own these games on Wii, you’ll be able to upgrade to the WiiU versions at a cost of $1.00 (NES) or 1.50 (SNES).

Here is the schedule:

1. Balloon Fight
Available: Wednesday, January 23rd to Thursday, February 21st
2. F-Zero
Availalbe: Wednesday, February 20th to Thursday, March 21st
3. Punch-Out! Featuring Mr. Dream
Available: Wednesday, March 20th to Thursday, April 18th
4. Kirby’s Adventure
Available: Wednesday, April 17th to Thursday, May 16th
5. Super Metroid
Available: Wednesday, May 15th to Thursday, June 13th
6. Yoshi
Available: Wednesday, June 12th to Thursday, July 11th
7. Donkey Kong
Available: Monday, July 15th to Tuesday, August 13th

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