Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS Release Date Is June 9 2013. SteetPass Lets You View Other People’s House Customizations Via Happy Home Showcase Mode of People You’ve Walked By In Real Life

14 Feb

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Outside House Customization Gameplay Screenshot 3DS

Customize the outside of your house for the first time in Animal Crossing: New Leaf for 3DS.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf for 3DS will be released on June 9th 2013 in America and June 14th in Europe, surely other territories will follow soon after! This is another one of Nintendo’s big titles for the year, and is the highly anticipated 4th entry in the beloved series.

Here is the American Nintendo Direct Valentine’s Day Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS video with new footage of the game in action; and new details! All narrated by Shigeru Miyamoto’s translator, Bill Trinen of the Tree House Nintendo Translation studio.

Previous games in the Animal Crossing series include the debut Animal Crossing for GameCube in 2002 (released for N64 in Japan as “Animal Forest” in 2001), Animal Crossing: Wild World was the 2nd installment released for DS in 2005. And Animal Crossing: City Folk was the third game, released for Wii in 2008. The original game allowed you to unlock hidden NES games that you could play, although this feature was removed in all future installments. The DS version was the first to feature online support, allowing you to exchange items with friends online and even visit their towns online (instead of using Passwords like the GCN version), meanwhile the Wii City Folk version expanded on that by allowing multiple players to visit each other’s towns at once, and the ability to speak to each other via Voice Chat using the Wii Speak Accessory when playing online with friends.

Here is the European Nintendo Direct Valentine’s Day Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS video. Narrated by Animal Crossing: New Leaf producer and series creator Katsuya Eguchi.

Watch both videos to learn as much as possible about Animal Crossing: New Leaf for 3DS, both videos feature completely different presentations and gameplay footage.

The main hook of Animal Crossing has always been the fact that it syncs with the system’s clock, making it so that time passes in the game corresponding exactly with the real world (from Seasons to Holidays to day and night) and certain events only happen on certain days, be them Holiday Celebrations or new Animal neighbors and characters for you to meet (for example a guitarist dog named KK Slider who only plays songs on Saturday Evenings). All future Animal Crossing games kept these time elements.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf You Are Mayor Screenshot

Take over duties as mayor of your town in Animal Crossing 3DS!

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, players will finally get to be Mayor of their own town. This means that the debt you have to pay off is low, the ability to start collecting items to decorate your house comes fast, and all of the residents are subservient to YOU! Additionally, player’s will finally be able to customize the actual look of the outside of their homes!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Snow House Screenshot

What a beautiful house!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf introduces all-new features and greatly expands on the amount of things you can do in your town, thanks to being mayor. You can now pass laws to customize the town to your liking, for example making it so that everyone wakes up early (Early Bird Town), everyone stays up all night (Night Owl Town), everyone focuses on making the town look good (Beautiful Town), or everyone is rich (Wealthy Town). You can even change the actual painting and patterns on furniture yourself, making for way more customization than before.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS Furniture Color Pattern Change Customization Screenshot

Now you can customize the actual look and pattern of furniture!

Another really cool feature is Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s StreetPass Happy Home Showcase play. By walking by someone who has the game, you’re 3DS systems will exchange data, and their House will be added to a special lot where you can view their house along with the homes of all the other people you’ve met! You’ll even get their custom Animal Crossing character added to your lot so you can compare what they look like, what they are wearing, what accessories and clothing they have, to what your character looks like!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Happy Home Showcase StreetPass Mode Screenshot. View Other People's Houses and Characters You've Met by Walking Around In Real Life!

See the houses of people you’ve walked by in real life and their character. AWESOME!

This Happy Home Showcase mode will even allow you to check out the exterior design they’ve used to customize their house, and go inside to check out what unique items the have that you may not have! This is an extremely welcome and VERY cool feature.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Seasons Trees Beanie Hat Accessory Screenshot

Seasons change like autumn here. You can also see a beanie hate accessory on this girl.

Customization of your character has also been expanded, allowing you to collect not just new shirts, but other pieces of clothing including new shoes, hats, and accessories (like the token Umbrella’s) as well as hang certain pieces of furniture on the Walls! This further expands on the indoor customization that includes the ability to place and move around different pieces of furniture available to collect, and the ability to change or create different patterns of floor tile, carpet and wallpaper to give your house a unique look inside.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Tom Nook 3DS Screenshot

This time you need to pay Tom Nook to buy the land for your town that you’ll mayor over.

As you are the Mayor, you’ll be able to customize the look of other Houses and Buildings around town, as well as place Lamp Posts, Benches, Fences, Bridges, Hedges and other decorations around the actual town, a first for the series. That’s in addition to planting trees, collecting fruit, bugs, fossils, artwork, fishing and all the other things you’ve done in previous Animal Crossing games that you can still do in this one. You can even swim in the ocean bordering the town! That’s new!

Animal Crossing: New Life Town Customization Water Well Screenshot (3DS)

Build wells, bridges, lamp posts and more and place them around town!

By leaving across the train tracks of the town, you can access Main Street, which is where you will find all the familiar locations from previous games. This time they are all in one area, making it very easy and very simple to accomplish a lot without having to walk a long distance to various spots in town. This addresses one of the critisms of Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: Wild World, where locations for you to visit, purchase new items, customize clothing and more, were spread out and player’s spent a lot of time simply running from one location to the next. This time things will be much more seamless and easier to accomplish with all the locations in one place, which when combined with the new touchscreen interface, makes playing the game much more painless!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS Main Street Screenshot of Shop Locations

All shops and locations are now in one area at Main Street for easy access.

Nintendo also revealed that Animal Crossing: New Leaf inspired clothing, accessories, etc. will be available in the 3DS eShop title “Style Savvy: Trendsetters”, where you can start downloading them and customizing your girl’s fashion sense with Animal Crossing love right now for the casual female-centric, Nintendo-developed fashion, lifestyle game (the first title of which was released for DS in 2008 as “Style Savvy”. It’s called the “Nintendo presents: Style Boutique” series in Europe).

All in all, the Life Simulation gameplay of Animal Crossing: New Leaf will definitely excite fans of the series, and people who’ve never played it before are in for a world of fun, casual, and expansive content that they are sure to enjoy! Definitely looking forward to this game!


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