Dillon’s Rollling Western 2: The Last Ranger Release Date Is April 11 2013 For 3DS eShop. All-New Game In Action Tower Defense Series

14 Feb

Dillon's Rolling Western 2: The Last Ranger Gameplay Screenshot 3DS eShop

Gameplay in Dillon’s Rolling Western 2 is just as fast and visceral as the first!

Dillon’s Rolling Western 2: The Last Ranger will be released on April 11th 2013 exclusively for 3DS eShop, and is an all-new sequel to the original 3DS eShop title, a critically acclaimed Action Tower Defense title with great characters and an cool Western theme.

In this new game, players will be able to recruit all-new allies by battling them and defeating them throughout the new adventure. This game also will include extensive new StreetPass features!

Dillon's Rolling Western 2 Gallow Lizard Gunman Character Screenshot (3DS)

Meet Gallow, the Lizard gunman!

Officially entitled “Dillon’s Rolling Western: The Last Ranger”, like the first Dillon’s Rolling Western (released late last year for 3DS eShop) the game combines the strategy of defeating enemies with Weapon Placements that Dillon can purchase and deploy around the map (Tower of Defense-style); and mixes it with visceral action elements as main character Dillon, a Gun-toting Western Armadillo, rolls into a ball and slams into enemies with flashy attacks and claw swipes!

Dillon's Rolling Western 2 Protect the Train Last Ranger Screenshot (eShop 3DS)

Protect that train!

Gallow, a strong but greedy Lizard Gunman, Boon, a foolish but powerful Bear, and Nomad, a mysterious Squid Assassin from the East Sea, are all fully-developed characters Dillon will meet and enemies that Dillon can turn into allies. They will join Dillon’s team of Cowboys for this adventure once you defeat them in battle. Like before, the characters are strong, unique, and very likeable!

Dillon's Rolling Western 2 Nomad Squid Assassin of East Sea Character Screenshot (3DS eShop)

This is Nomad, the Squid Assassin from the East Sea.

In addition to saving villages from peril and the onslaught of invading forces, Dillon is also tasked with defending a train as it moves throughout the game’s environments, adding a new depth to the strategy gameplay as you both have to wade off incoming foes, and protect the train from being attacked and hijacked!

Additionally, player’s will be able to share tips with others on how to pass the game’s levels, defeat bosses, and better protect their camps via StreetPass!

Dillon's Rolling Western 2 Boon the Bear. Powerful and Mysterious Character Screenshot (3DS eShop)

Meet Boon, a powerful and mysterious Bear.

Those who liked the first game are sure to love the sequel, and even if you didn’t play the first game, be sure to pick this one up. I can already tell it’s a winner! Looks awesome! :D


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