Google Earth WiiU Now Available. Panoramic View From GamePad With WiiStreet Powered By Google Let’s You Pan Around Real-World Streets From the GamePad

14 Feb

Google Earth WiiU Panoramic View From the Streets App

Look around real world city streets using your WiiU GamePad in Panoramic View! Awesome!

Google Earth comes to WiiU supporting Panoramic View with “WiiStreet Powered By Google” app, which is available to download right now for free! Get in early before the app becomes a feature that you’ll have to pay for!

Skip to 23:20 in the video to see information on the WiiStreet Powered By Google Earth app!

Just as the name suggests, this awesome application allows you to view the streets of the world using Google Earth directly on your Wii U GamePad! But the coolest part is the ability to “see through the eyes of the GamePad” directly at street level, and then pan around to different camera views by physically moving your GamePad, just as if you were looking from street level yourself!

This Panoramic View of real-world locations was shown off as a WiiU demo, it’s great to finally see it in action for real! Good stuff!

Wii Street U Powered By Google Out Now For Free Download

Download this interesting Google Earth application now for free!


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