HarmoKnight New 3DS eShop Game Freak Rhythm Action Title Releases March 28 2013. From Creators of Pokemon

14 Feb

3DS eShop Music Game From Pokemon Creators Game Freak HarmoKnight Gameplay Screenshot

A new music game from the creators of Pokemon? Sign me up!

HarmoKnight for 3DS eShop releases on March 28th 2013 and is an all-new Rhythm Action game by Game Freak, the developers behind Pokemon! This game marks their first original non-Pokemon game since Drill Dozer released for the Game Boy Advance in 2006 (I own a sealed copy :D). Very exciting!

HarmoKnight (as in “Harmony Knight”) is a easy to play but deeply rich, unique experience where the jumping and swatting actions of the main character create the very rhythms and harmonies of the background music! Timing is everything as the game is played with only two buttons, jumping and hitting.

HarmoKnight Map Screenshot 80 Levels 8 Worlds Marching Band to Rock Music (3DS eShop)

80 levels across 8 Worlds with themed music from Rock to Marching Band!

You’re task is to collect music notes strewn across the courses and defeat enemies with correct timing, which adds richness and depth to the harmony. Beating a level with the proper timing won’t be easy, and will provide lots of replay value to this already massive game, which contains 80 levels across 8 worlds as the player hunts for a symphony of instruments. These worlds will be themed, from Marching Band to Rock Music and everywhere in between. VERY COOL!

HarmoKnight Pokemon Pikachu Screenshot

At least one Pokemon music level will be featured in the game!

Earn a high enough score in a level and you will unlock new advanced and more challenging modes, like Speed Runs! Additionally, neat Bonus Tracks will be included (and likely downloadable as DLC) that feature theme songs from Pokemon! And hopefully from other Nintendo games as well.

This game looks like a real winner! I love Rhythm Action games like Elite Beat Agents and Final Fantasy Theatrhythm, so this game looks awesome to me! Good to see Game Freak being able to work on something else besides Pokemon for a change!


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