Luigi’s Mansion 3DS: Dark Moon Release Date Is March 24 2013. Shigeru Miyamoto Shares Development Details In Nintendo Direct

14 Feb

Luigi's Mansion 3DS Sucking Tablecloth Gameplay Screenshot

Solve puzzles throughout the Mansion using Luigi’s vacuum in Luigi’s Mansion 3DS!

Luigi’s Mansion 3DS: Dark Moon’s release date is March 24th 2013. The game is a big one for Nintendo and will finally return Luigi to a starring videogame role, in this sequel to his first adventure, 2002’s original Luigi’s Mansion for GameCube.

This game has been in development for a while now, and was delayed into 2013 to give Nintendo and developer Shigeru Miyamoto and his team more time to put lasting polish and replay value into the game, to truly raise it from AA to AAA status, and the game definitely looks it in this all-new Luigi’s Mansion 2 footage from the newest Nintendo Direct presentation.

Luigi's Mansion 3DS Ghosts Strobulb Gameplay Screenshot

Get ready to stun lots of ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for 3DS! Releasing March 2013.

Luigi’s Mansion 3DS will kick off what Nintendo is calling “The Year of Luigi“, and is the major triple-threat attack with the lil’ bro in the limelight that will be released this year (alongside Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and New Super Luigi U), and the game marks one of Nintendo’s biggest titles for 2013.

Miyamoto himself makes his first Nintendo Direct appearance to discuss the game for fans and reveal all-new gameplay footage and details on the upcoming adventure. Watch the video above to hear all he has to say and see this great looking sequel in action.

Luigi's Mansion 3DS Ghost Dog Stealing Gold Screenshot

Watch out, or the Ghost Dog will steal your gold!

Miyamoto talks about how they are able to use the glasses-free, stereoscopic 3D graphics of the 3DS to really make the levels pop, and add new depth to the same great gameplay from the first game. Players still explore a deep, dark mansion full of ghosts, using their flashlight to light up the environments and their Poltergust Vacuum to suck them up! Many unique ghost characters will be encountered in this game, including a Ghost Dog who loves gold! Each one is unique and will take unique strategies to get discover them and then suck them up.

Certain ghosts will block Luigi’s light to protect themselves, by wearing sunglasses (haha) or using umbrella’s and other items and weapons. Like the first game, Dark Moon is full of puzzles to be saved in the multiple mansion’s many rooms, and you will need to figure out how to make the ghosts appear. One new item is the DarkLight, which can be used to follow the footprints of certain ghosts, like the aforementioned Ghost Dog.

I can’t wait to play Luigi’s Mansion 3DS, as I never got to play the GameCube original, even though I always wanted too! This game looks vastly improved over the original announcement trailer, so I’m glad that Nintendo delayed it. Good move on their part.


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