Metroid Dread WiiU PS4 News Incoming! Can Xbox 720 Be Far Behind?

14 Feb

Metroid Dread Wii U Box Art Fake Cover

Awesome. Not real… or is it? We’ll find out soon!

WiiU and PS4 megaton news is incoming, can Xbox 720 be far behind?

Sony’s PlayStation 4 conference, or at least that’s what people believe it will be, is scheduled for February 20th, where Sony is almost assuredly going to officially announce the PS4.

And now Nintendo has announced a Valentine’s Day Wii U specific Nintendo Direct conference scheduled for early morning FEBRUARY 14th. Be sure to hit the link to watch it live!

What could Nintendo possibly have up it’s sleeve? I am hoping for an all-new Metroid game, but it could be ANYTHING. We’ll just have to wait and see to find out, but let the speculation BEGIN!

So that leaves Microsoft. Nintendo is obviously trying to steal some of Sony’s PS4 thunder with this WiiU announcement… So one has to wonder when Microsoft will be ready to reveal their cards. Will they wait until E3 2013? If so, they may be able to steal the show if Nintendo and Sony have already revealed too many of their cards.

One thing is for certain, it is an interesting time to be a gamer! :D

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