Toki Tori 2 Release Date On WiiU And PC March 2013

14 Feb

WiiU Toki Tori 2 Gameplay Screenshot

Looks very similar to the first game but with HD graphics.

Toki Tori 2 will be released for the WiiU as well as PC this March 2013.

Absolutely no details on the game were released, but the game looks like it will feature similar gameplay to the original and is sure to satisfy fans of the Game Boy Color puzzler, which has since been ported to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, PC, PSN, Mac, Steam, Mobile.

As such there are surely a lot of people who will be happy to see a sequel to this underrated gem, which was one of the last Game Boy Color games ever released, to widespread critical acclaim.

I remember when I first read the reviews for Toki Tori in EGM Magazine, I always wanted to play the game but never got around to it. It was developed by Two Tribes and published by Capcom (people often mistake it for a first-party Nintendo title known as The Legend of Starfi, another similar title that I was sad to see never got released in the US on it’s original Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance platforms. We did finally get the 5th DS game in 2008 however) and greatly overlooked by a lot of people, although it has gotten a bit more popular ever since the re-releases starting hitting.


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