How Do You Sit While Using the Computer, Cellphones, Tablets? 9 New Sitting Postures Technology Has Introduced

27 Feb

New Sitting Postures Tablets Cellphones PC The Trance The Take It In The Strunch Banner Art

New sitting postures thanks to technology!

How do you sit at the computer? Or using a cellphone/tablet? Did you know technology has introduced 9 official new ways that people sit? Cellphones, tablets, computers… people alter their posture to fit how they are using their said device…

And these new ways of sitting are completely new to the human race, thanks to this technology! Wild huh!

So what are they? Below is the list, and check out the source article at Mashable for the full explanation.

Six New Ways To Sit Thanks To Technology Draw Multi Device Text Cocoon Swipe Smart Lean Artwork

Six new ways to sit thanks to technology (Cellphones, Tablets, Computers)

New ways of sitting include:

1. The Draw – Leaning back in a chair to read your tablet, cellphone.
2. The Multi-Device – Exactly like it says, reading your cellphone while also working the laptop!
3. The Text – Sitting at the desk to text…. Tch tch tch
4. The Cocoon – A girly reading posture where those female things pull their legs up…. weirdos.
5. The Swipe – Exclusively used for reading smartphones, as you lean your whole body over it.
6. The Smart Lean – Relaxed way to check your cellphone.
7. The Trance – Leaning into your computer, absorbed in whatever it is your watching.
8. The “Take-It-In” – A very manly posture, as guys lean all the way back in their chair to take in the important GameTrailer video/AMV/movie trailer they are watching.
9. The Strunch – A combination of stretching and hunching simultaneously!


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