Photo of the Day – Texting And Relationships (Young Girls And Cellphones) Wallpaper

28 Feb

Text And Relationships (Young Girls) Wallpaper

Texting and relationships… things can get complicated. Not just for teen girls either.

Texting and relationships, with young girls especially, as this wallpaper shows, is a complicated subject. Things can get dicey, and people can get attached very easily. It’s not just a problem with young people either, but adults who text as well. I think texting is perfectly fine, and should be encouraged and used as a tool to broaden our horizons and keep constantly in touch with people, or in touch with people we don’t talk to on a normal basis or wouldn’t talk to normally… yet at the same time, I think parents need to talk to their kids about texting and teach them about how it changes the dynamics of relationships.

I thought this photo was a cool depiction of it and captures the moment well. Obviously here we have a young preteen girl and her mom watching from a distance, concerned about what may be said between her daughter and whoever’s on the other end of the phone. It’s interesting how texting has changed society, and how it has infected our culture. I don’t see it as a negative development, but I do think it’s important for parents to think about often and to discuss with their kids.

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