Austrian Death Machine’s Triple Brutal Album Announced (Via IndieGogo Crowdsourcing). As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis Returns On Vocals For Arnold Schwarzenegger Parody Metal Band With Guest Musicians, Writers, Vocalists, Etc. (Impending Doom, Allegaeon)

05 Mar

Triple Brutal Austrian Death Machine Album Cover Classified

Awesome cover art!

As I Lay Dying lead singer Tim Lambesis’ Arnold Schwarzenegger parody-band Austrian Death Machine has announced their third album, “Triple Brutal”! This album follows previous releases “Double Brutal” (2009) and “Total Brutal” (2008).

Triple Brutal will be entirely independently produced via Crowd-Sourcing website “IndieGogo”, which allows fans to help fund the Austrian Death Machine Triple Brutal record and get cool extras for doing so, including a Vinyl copy of the album! As always with crowd-sourcing, the more money you give to the project the cooler stuff you can get!

If you haven’t heard of the band “Austrian Death Machine”, they (“they” previously being simply Tim Lambesis himself and a voice-guy pretending to be Arrrrnold) are a metal parody band that is inspired by famous Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes (Like “Get to the Choppa!” or “Come With Me If you Want to Live”) and Schwarzenegger movies (Terminator, Jingle All the Way, Total Recall, Predator) that builds kickass metal songs around those quotes and movies. Throughout the songs there is a parody voice of a guy who sounds like Arnold saying funny things (as well as Tim Lambesis…. playing himself. “Arnold” often makes fun of Tim and calls him a “girly man”), including actual Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes and wordplays. The albums also features comedy interludes between songs of Tim talking to “Arnold” which plays on Arnold’s ultimate masculinity and overall ability to kick your and everyone else’s ass. :D

Here is one of my favorite Austrian Death Machine songs to give you an example, it’s Arnold’s quote from the movie “Jingle All the Way” and the song is called “Who Told You You Could Eat My Cookies?” Naturally, the quote lends itself to a Cookie Monster parody! Enjoy!

Additionally, here is Austrian Death Machine’s official music video for “Get to the Choppa”!

In short, Austrian Death Machine is AWESOME! You should both check out their previous albums and help them create their third album by backing this project! DOOO ITTTT!

I should also mention that Triple Brutal is the first album that will feature major guest stars from other bands, not just on vocals but musicianship as well and even on the writing of the songs. Previously Tim Lambesis not only did the vocals in the songs (outside of the Arnold vocals) but also all the musicianship himself. This time he’ll have help from guests including drummer Brandon Trahan of Impending Doom and guitarist Ryan Glisan of Allegaeon/Pyrithion! Awesome!


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