Videogame Photo of the Day – Track & Field NES 8bit For Real Olympic Race Wallpaper Artwork

07 Mar

Track and Field For Real 8bit NES Olympic Race Wallpaper

Hahahaha, run lil man run!

Track & Field 8bit NES for real olympic race wallpaper artwork! Look at that lil man run!

I never really played these games as a kid, but I do recall this one girl I used to like who was 8 years old and lived down the street. Her name was “Carolina” and she owned this game along with the Power Pad for NES. Of course, I always played the cooler games like Excitebike, Batman or Contra. Now I feel like I missed out!

I saw a funny comment with a guy saying him and his friends never actually stepped on that mat to play, they simply pounded their fists into it to make the lil olympian run!

If you never played these games, they were (in many ways) the precursor to the Dance Dance Revolution series and it’s mat-based Dance/Music/Rhythm gameplay.

Here’s a video of Track & Field NES gameplay in action.


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