WatchUsPlayGames’ New Focus For April 2013. Quantity Formula Out, Quality In

31 Mar

Renewed Focus Eye By q8phantom (Ahmed Al-Shebli)

April 2013 represents a renewed focus for this site.

WatchUsPlayGames will be shifting into a new focus for April 2013. Quantity and formula’s are out, quality and less updates are in.

As you’ve noticed, all of last month and throughout the previous months essentially since the new year, I’ve been posting a formula of articles that were scheduled ahead of time, one a day for each month. For March I was able to get that up to three articles per day, sometimes more, in the form of a “Song of the Day”, “Photo of the Day”, “Review of the Day” (essentially) and sometimes a “Let’s Play/WatchMePlayGames video of the day”.

Now I will be trying to shift my focus from less of a formula to more quality posts. However I still want to post at least one article a day, so I may do so with a formulaic article, such as the “Videogame Photo of the Day”, but we’ll see. One idea may be to try and combine these formula’s into only one article… so that you get a photo, song, video or whatever in one post. Not sure if that would work though.

All in all, I want to focus more on quality and less on numbers, and more on marketing and promotion and less on frivolous posts and time spent writing them. I also may start posting Let’s Plays from youtubers. Something I had originally intended to do when I started this site (thus the name), but haven’t done so due to wanting to keep the focus on MY Let’s Play articles instead of that of others.

However I think I will try to do both (i.e., post my Let’s Plays as well as highlight the Let’s Plays of others)… So we will see where this leads. But I’m going to make a push to change things up around here and hopefully create more of an identity for myself and the site as a whole, bring in new readers through promotion and marketing, and focus more on quality posts than quantity.

I should also mention a few new developments. I’m going to make a bigger push for posting more of my own video content, including a “Let’s Read” series where I will read a book aloud, and a videogame unboxing series where I will unbox classic videogames. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but I’ve yet to get around to it.

In addition to all this, I’m going to really strive in April to find out a way to make simple but effective updates to the look of the site and site features, while also focus on researching new ways to improve the site (I’m still quite the newb).

And finally, this needs to be the month where I get ads placed on the site. I just gotta find a way to earn the money for that latter one first so I can update my WordPress to the paid version. And that money may have to come through selling some of my videogames. Boo. But I need the income and if I can generate it on the site through ads, that will be a huge incentive to really get things going and boost my morale for updating the site.


* Thanks to q8phantom (Ahmed Al-Shebli) On Flickr for the awesome eye photo!

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