EarthBound Virtual Console Releasing THIS YEAR! 3DS/WiiU eShop FINALLY!

17 Apr
EarthBound Virtual Console Releasing THIS YEAR! 3DS/WiiU eShop FINALLY!

EarthBound Logo In HDEarthBound will be released for WiiU eShop THIS YEAR! This was confirmed via Satoru Iwata himself during the 3DS Nintendo Direct presentation.

He specifically mentioned the passionate plea of fans who were extremely dismayed to hear that Mother II (released in the U.S. as EarthBound) was being released for Virtual Console in Japan but NO WHERE ELSE!

Well it seems that Nintendo has heard your pleas, and directly referenced the posts that people left pleading for Nintendo to release it in Europe and America on MiiVerse! Iwata also mentioned that the creator of EarthBound, Shigesato Itoi, was extremely happy that it would finally be available again for the legions of fans to officially download it.

No word on what changes, if any, will be made in the game due to “copyright concerns”, nor was a specific date given. But we’ll likely learn more at E3 2013!

* Update Note: So far EarthBound is coming to Wii U eShop ONLY, and not 3DS eShop. Hopefully the title will eventually be re-release in some form (I hope as a 3D cartridge alongside Mother I and Mother 3!) for the 3DS as well… The game would certainly look amazing with stereoscopic 3D visuals. However the 3DS Virtual Console does not yet have SNES titles available for it, only NES & Game Boy titles. Which is why the announcement of EarthBound is for WiiU VC and not 3DS VC.

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