New Super Luigi U Retail Package Will Be Released To Physical Stores On August 25 2013 For $30

17 May

New Super Luigi U Retail Box Cover Artwork

Oooo, snazzy! Love the green-colored WiiU box!

New Super Luigi U will be hitting physical stores as a WiiU packaged product on August 25th for $30, for those players who want to play the game but don’t yet own (or already sold, or don’t have online access) their copy of New Super Mario Bros. U.

If that’s the case, then you’ll definitely want to think about picking up the full retail version!

This version of the game will be exactly the same as the digital version, but it will cost $10 more and will come in a snazzy, green-colored Wii U retail box that’s been Luigi-branded and includes a physical instruction book, case and disc, instead of simply being a digital DLC product.

Of course, you can still download the game if you own New Super Mario Bros. U when it releases as downloadable content on June 20th. If you go the DLC route, you’ll only pay $20 to get New Super Luigi U, which re-imagines all 82 levels of the game with harder difficulty and has you playing as Luigi! It even adds a new playable character in Nabbit… Who cannot be hurt by enemies! Although Nabbit cannot pick up power-ups either…

Nabbit New Super Luigi U Gameplay Screenshot

The new Nabbit playable character in NSLU!

This new Nabbit character will definitely be a cool option for those players who want to play co-op with a less-experienced player, or a younger family member who won’t have to worry about getting hit if they play as Nabbit. All of these new announcements are to celebrate the “Year of Luigi” in 2013, which is definitely getting a boon with Luigi getting another all-new retail boxed game with this announcement (to add to the already-released “Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon” for 3DS).

It’s worth noting that the retail New Super Luigi U will be released in America on August 25th, but Europe gets it way earlier on July 26th. While Europe will get the digital version on July 20th.

I think this is really cool to see DLC released as a physical product in New Super Luigi U. I dig the fancy new box and I’ll definitely be picking this up to have a physical copy. It’s also worth noting that the physical copy version IS a standalone product and does NOT require New Super Mario Bros. U to play the new Luigi version. Huzzah!


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