The Wonderful 101 Release Date (WiiU) Is September 15 2013 (USA)

17 May

Wonderful 101 WiiU Logo Artwork

Awesome logo! Superhero-riffic!

The Wonderful 101 will be released exclusively for WiiU on September 15th 2013 in America and in Europe a month earlier on August 23rd.

This title has been long-awaited and was one of the first games revealed for the WiiU, being developed by Platinum Games, the makers of Beyonetta, MadWorld, Okami and other critically acclaimed, artistic titles. It was originally supposed to hit at launch, but was eventually delayed beyond the launch window to the end of Summer, and now into the Fall for America.

Wonderful 101 WiiU Gameplay Screenshot

The gameplay looks awesome!

A very cool new logo was revealed for the game which you can see above. Check out the trailer too if you haven’t seen it before! The Wonderful 101 is somewhat similar to Pikmin, but like previous Platinum Games GameCube title Viewtiful Joe (made by the guys who went on to form Platinum back when they worked for Capcom); The Wonderful 101 has an interesting Superhero theme and vibe, where you control an entire group of superheroes! Over 100 of them, as the title suggests. They then combine their powers to take down enormous foes and pull off super attacks!

It looks pretty awesome, and is definitely an interesting, unique title to add to the growing WiiU library of hits and AAA titles. Now let’s hope it sells well!

Wonderful 101 Characters Superhero Banner Art

Superheroes unite!


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