Xbox 720 Reveal WatchUsPlayGames Pre-Show Podcast

21 May

WatchUsPlayGames Xbox 720 Reveal Podcast Pre-Show

Join the conversation! Listen to our Xbox 720 pre-show podcast!

Welcome all to the WatchUsPlayGames Xbox Reveal Pre-Show Podcast!

In this introductory episode of the WatchUsPlayGames Podcast I am joined by my brother, RedWinged.Angel, as we discuss the Xbox 720 and Microsoft’s reveal event which happens in a couple hours from now! Will Killer Instinct 3, Perfect Dark Rebirth, Banjo Returns and Fable Online Xbox 720 be announced?

What will Microsoft be showing? How will they win fans back? Will they be able to deliver the knockout punch to Sony that makes gamers forget about the PlayStation 4? What games will be announced? What games SHOULD be announced? What will the system be called? What new feature should the Xbox 720 reveal to differentiate it from the PS4? Illumiroom? Something new like a camera on the controller? Will they corner the MMO market on console with the 720?

Join the discussion and tune in to hear our thoughts on the Xbox 720 and the Reveal Event happening TODAY!


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