Huge Xbox 360 Videogame Announcement Coming At E3 2013. What Could It Be?

25 May

Xbox 360 Minecraft Revisions Updates Patches Box Stack

Oooo. Very cool piece of art by snstyles.

A huge Xbox 360 E3 2013 announcement is imminent, so says Microsoft in an interview with GameSpot.

To quote,

Question: “So presumably you anticipate there being sort of a lot of support for the Xbox 360 in terms of new XBLA releases and stuff…”

Answer: “I think the Xbox 360 is going to be very vibrant for many years. In fact, we have a huge, I think it’s huge, Xbox 360 announcement for E3 2013 that I keep wanting to talk about, but I can’t. I think it will surprise people. I loved what we did with Minecraft; bring Minecraft to the box; six million units later it’s kind of a beast. I think there’s a lot of life in the Xbox 360 for years to come.”

What ever could this major Xbox 360 E3 2013 announcement be?

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