XboxOne $1 Billion Worth of New Games Provided By Microsoft In First Year

27 May

XboxOne DLC Exclusive First On Xbox 720

Money buys happiness…

XboxOne $1 billion, eh? There will be XboxOne games aplenty as Microsoft has announced they are pumping over $1 billion (with a “B”) dollars worth of videogame development investment money into their successor to the Xbox 360.

That amount of money will gain them over 15 exclusive XboxOne titles, 8 of which are all-new IP as the company has already revealed. All of these games will be developed by Microsoft’s internal studios.

And contrary to popular belief, many people suspect that these 15 new titles will all be massive AAA games, and not Kinect games, mini-game collections, or XBLA titles. But big hitters meant to sway people to purchase an XboxOne.

This is of course, on top of any third-party exclusive deals that Microsoft has paid for or deals they have developed with other developers and publishers. Something that has already happened with the announcement that XboxOne will get Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC FIRST, before any other system, and with the NFL and FIFA Sports deals announced at the reveal event.

Considering the struggles that the videogame industry has had sales-wise lately, the new consoles including the XboxOne are being banked on to breath some new life into the old bones that the industry is currently facing, when Xbox One Releases and PS4 releases worldwide this holiday 2013!

It’s good news that Microsoft is putting its full faith and money where its mouth is when it comes to the XboxOne. All that’s needed now is to get people to care about it! Of course, at E3 2013 we will see the first real game announcements for the XboxOne. And thus we wait with baited breath!


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