Sony Courts Minecraft Creator Notch (Markus Persson). Gives Him Golden-Colored PS1 As Invitation To E3 2013

29 May

Gold PS1 Notch Minecraft Creator's E3 2013 Gift

Notch is one lucky devil!

Throwing down the gauntlets, Sony has actively courted Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson by inviting the sole-man who developed one of Xbox Live’s best-selling games to E3 2013 as a special VIP… And in the process gave him an incredible gift. An exclusive golden-colored PS1 system!


Here is his tweet where @notch showed off a pic of the Gold PS1:
“Got a vip invitation to an e3 event from sony in the form of a gold colored psone. Wow. :D”

So. Awesome.

This is only the latest shot fired in the brewing all-out-war between the PS4 and the XboxOne. It is no secret that notch and other Indie developers have been increasingly dissatisfied with how Microsoft has treated them, and treated Indie development as a whole, on the Xbox 360 platform. Sony has taken advantage of this in a big way, and this goes far to prove just how much Sony is attempting to court Indie developers and make them feel like the special stars they are.

Now of course, no one knows if this means that Notch is going to stake the stage at E3 2013 during Sony’s Press Conference and announce something exclusive for the PlayStation 4. Of course, no one would be surprised IN THE LEAST if exactly that happens now would we!


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