XboxOne Reveal Event Was Bigger Than 2010 World Cup, Obama/Romney Election 2012 And Royal Wedding 2011. Over 8 Million Viewers Within 24 Hours

01 Jun

XboxOne Controller Front

Such an awesome view of the XboxOne Controller!

The XboxOne Reveal Event was the biggest, most watched event in Xbox history, and rivaled some of the biggest events that streaming partner Akamai had ever put on… Bigger even than their Election 2012 Romney vs Obama coverage, the Royal Wedding in 2011 and the 2010 Soccer World Cup!

Here is the entire Microsoft XboxOne Announcement Reveal Event Video:

All in all, over 8.5 million people watched the XboxOne reveal event within 24 hours, tripling the viewers of previous most-watched event in history.

Naturally, saw the highest amount of concurrent viewers ever. To quote:

“The XboxOne Reveal event had almost three times as many people watching the livestream at the same time, versus any other major event in history.”

Akamai stated the following:

“The XboxOne event was among the most watched live broadcasts delivered by Akamai in their history, nearly doubling peak traffic records and eclipsing concurrent viewership high-water marks set by events such as the 2010 World Cup, Royal Wedding in 2011, and 2012 election night.”

So in short, it was a HUGE and extremely popular event for Microsoft, one of their biggest of all time. Of course, how much of that turned into negative energy and how much of it was positive? That’s the real question.


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