Redbox Joins #NoDRM Campaign As Response To XboxOne Used Games Policy. Asks Users To Give Opinions On State of Gaming Industry’s Future

09 Jun

XboxOne You Were Supposed To Improve Gaming Not Destroy It PS4 Meme

Hahahaha…. wait this isn’t funny.

Redbox is joining the hashtag #NoDRM Twitter campaign and asking Redbox users to give their opinions on the state of the gaming industry, the controversy over the XboxOne Used Games and PS4 Used Games policies, and where they think the videogame industry is headed in the future.

The official Redbox Gaming Site, a forum asking people to post their thoughts on the new policies of the XboxOne and possibly PS4, was linked in a text message sent to members of the RedBox “Text Club” (a Redbox service that offers promos and information on new movies and games at Redbox kiosks via text to members).

In that text they linked to the new website, asking people to discuss the “future of videogaming” with the following message:

“Have you heard about what’s coming? Reports say that Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 might have enhanced graphics, enhanced motion control, cloud-based storage, new games and experiences. But you might not be able to play without an Internet connection, lend games freely, buy used games or rent games. What excites you about the future of gaming… and what concerns you?”

Redbox Vice President of Business Development also tweeted,
“Pretty important time in the history of video games. Weigh in at”

Lots of people have heeded the message from Redbox and posted their thoughts on the site.

To be fair, the XboxOne WILL allow you to rent games, however they can only be rented from specific retailers who take part in Microsoft’s system that allows them to know and track every person who buy’s their games. XboxOne games will then be linked to your profile, wherefore you and your family members can play any games in your collection from any XboxOne using your profile ID.

However for that convenience, you will no longer be able to simply give your friend a game and lend games out for longer than 24 hours. You’ll have to connect online every 24 hours, and lent games will have to go through Microsoft’s online system to have the digital rights transferred from your system to their’s if you give them your game. So while buying XboxOne Used Games remains intact, renting and lending games to your friends quickly and easily is a apparently a thing of the past, as is offline gaming without an Internet connection for any extended period of longer than a day…

Here’s a fun video of a Redbox “Gamebox” kiosk in action, where Redbox tested not just the renting of videogames, but the PURCHASING of new games (or used) via a kiosk system in 2009. Apparently these things aren’t around anymore… I think it’s a great idea however.


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