Tekken Revolution Free-to-Play PS3-Exclusive PSN Game Announced. Is It A Card Game Or Fighter?

09 Jun

Tekken Revolution Artwork

A free-to-play SOMETHING Tekken game for PSN.

Tekken Revolution is coming exclusively for PlayStation Network on PS3 on Tuesday, June 11th, 2013.

The game was revealed via a GameSpot trailer, and although no actual gameplay footage was shown, we did get to see video of Tekken characters Paul, Bryan, Kazuya and Lars, which means they will be in the game.

What we don’t know is what exactly the game is. Is it a fighting game? Or could it be the Japanese Mobile Game Tekken Card Tournament TCG (Trading Card Game). This is a digital TCG free-to-play competitive card game that has yet to make it to the West.

It makes more sense that Tekken Revolution is the American version of that mobile card game but for a console… We’ll find out soon!

Tekken Revolution Gameplay Screenshot King vs Jack

Looks like… Tekken!

It is indeed a fighting game and not a card game (or so it seems), a fighter in which players are able to level-up their characters (a first for the Tekken series) and increase key attributes including Strength, Endurance and Vigor, as they win matches against the AI in Arcade Mode, or against human opponents in Online Ranked and Player matches. New “Special Arts” and “Critical Arts” moves have been added, and players start the game with a core group of eight iconic Tekken characters, including: King, Paul, Lili, Marshall, Asuka, Steve, Alisa, and Lars. Although more characters can be seen fighting in the footage, such as Jack. Additionally the game seems to have a new graphical outline style similar to what’s been seen before in other recent fighters.

One assumes that more characters unlock after you defeat a certain number of opponents or the like. Also while the game is free-to-play, there is no mention of whether or not players will have to pay microtransactions to unlock certain new items, equipment, clothing, characters, or the like. But the fact that they are saying it’s “free-to-play” is… interesting. Could the aforementioned Card Game be included as part of this package? We’ll have to wait and see.

Here is the official Tekken Revolution Press Release:

Crafted by NAMCO BANDAI Games’ internal TEKKEN development team, TEKKEN REVOLUTION provides fighting game fans and newcomers alike the hard-hitting gameplay of the famed franchise. Choose from an initial cast of eight iconic TEKKEN characters to train and battle against AI opponents in Arcade Mode or take on fearsome human rivals spanning the globe through online Ranked and Player Matches. The game also features new bone-crunching Special Arts and Critical Arts moves designed to help newcomers deliver hard-hitting attacks and advanced players to employ new strategies with their favorite fighters. For the first time in TEKKEN history players will be able to level-up their characters, increasing three key attributes; Strength, Endurance and Vigor, to create a combatant tuned to individual play styles. Develop a defensive tank character with high HP to withstand knockout blows while offense focused players can create a damage-inflicting character with low health but high critical hit rates to devastate opponents with a flurry of attacks.


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