Battlefield 4 XboxOne Gameplay Shown. 60fps, DLC Will Hit First On Xbox. E3 2013 Microsoft Press Conference Video Trailers

10 Jun

Battlefield 4 XboxOne Gameplay Screenshot

Battlefield 4 may dethrone Call of Duty this year.

Battlefield 4 XboxOne was shown on stage at the E3 2013 Microsoft Press Conference and looked absolutely stunning. The graphics are truly next-gen and a huge leap above anything previously seen.

All of the FPS action you desire was shown in visceral form, and vehicle gameplay both underwater and in the air is possible in this online FPS, as online multiplayer gameplay was shown.

I’m not even a FPS fan and this game was also mighty impressive. The graphics are absolutely incredible, as are the physics and effects. At one point he shoots a giant jet loose from the bolt holding it in place, causing it to slide across the giant, crazy aircraft carrier he was fighting atop as all kinds of crazy explosions and action was taking place around the battle cruiser. He even jumps off the cruiser and into the ocean…

Mighty impressive! Even more impressive was the fact that the game was running at a smooth 60 Frames Per Second with uncut gameplay directly from the XboxOne. When you play the game, it will look just like that.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft had more technical difficulties during this part of the show and the Battlefield 4 trailer almost didn’t start… there was no sound just like with Crimson Dragon. Thankfully they were able to reboot it, and the host did a good job keeping his composure, even though you could tell he was incredibly frustrated. Someone got fired today…

Battlefield 4 will be released not only on XboxOne, but also on: PC, PS3, PS4, and even Xbox 360 on October 29th 2013.


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