Dead Rising 3 Releases Holiday 2013 XboxOne Exclusively. Open World Zombie Game. Looks Scary And Awesome As Heck

10 Jun

Dead Rising 3 XboxOne Gameplay Screenshot

This game looks incredible!

Dead Rising 3 will be released this holiday exclusively for XboxOne from Capcom and is another AAA killer-app and a huge boon for Microsoft. The game looks absolutely badass and is an open-world zombie game.

THIS is what you’ve always wanted Dead Rising to be. This time it is gritty, looks freakin’ scary as heck, and features intense action against literally thousands of zombies at a time with absolutely NO slowdown!

You can customize your weapons and create innovative combinations, like putting a flashlight on a pistol or a chainsaw on a broomstick! You can even get in vehicles, where the zombies can swarm in such numbers that they can literally stop your car in its tracks! The amount of zombies on screen is insanely impressive, the action is fast and has punch, and most of all the atmosphere is scary in true horror film fashion. It’s also gory, bloody and visceral.

At one point he throws a chainsaw at a zombie in the distance, slicing it in half vertically! AWESOME! This is a huge game for XboxOne… and all these games together are really going to force people to buy one IMHO.


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