New Xbox 360 System Out Now. Sleeker, XBOne Design Asthetic

10 Jun

New Xbox 360 E System

The new Xbox 360 E system! Slimmer, quieter, XboxOne look.

A new Xbox 360E system that looks similar to the XboxOne is now available in stores. This is a big announcement, and proves that Microsoft is still committed to the Xbox 360 system itself!

The new “Xbox 360 E” system is cheaper, sleeker, and redesigned, taking cues from the upcoming XboxOne in the design of the outer casing.

The newly designed Xbox 360 systems will cost the same as the existing models on store shelves.

* $200 Xbox 360 E nets you a 4GB Hard Drive.
* $300 Xbox 360 E nets you a 250GB Hard Drive.
* $300 Xbox 360 E can also get you a 4GB HDD bundled with Kinect.

The new Xbox 360 is out now in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Ireland, with more regions to come over the summer months.

Microsoft also announced that new and existing Xbox Live Gold members will begin to get free games along with their Xbox Live Gold accounts! This is obviously a bid to compete with Sony’s PlayStation Plus service, which also gives you free games every month. Unlike their service however, Microsoft announced that these games are not only free, but “your’s to keep”!

For the month of June 2013, Gold members will get a free copy of Fable 3!

Next month the program begins in earnest, leading all the way up to the XboxOne launch in November, and will net Xbox Live Gold members TWO free games a month, starting with Halo 3 and Assassin’s Creed 2 in August.

The Xbox 360 E system will be easier to open up and repair, and makes it easier to replace the hard drive with another Microsoft Xbox 360-branded hard drive, easier than on the Xbox 360 S models. It features the same cooling system as the Xbox 360 S models as well, but runs and boots quieter. It is also only slightly slimmer.

It’s also worth noting that this Xbox 360 E system has one less USB port than the Xbox 360 S (two on the back instead of three, for a total of four USB ports on the E instead of 5 like on the S). It’s also missing the Optical Audio port that’s on the Slim Model (S Model).


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