TitanFall Is XboxOne Exclusive. Releases Spring 2014. FPS Parkous, Mechs, Intense Action Looks Incredible

10 Jun

TitanFall XboxOne Gameplay Screenshot

TitanFall looks absolutely incredible.

TitanFall will be released Spring 2014 exclusively on XboxOne. This mech-based FPS looks absolutely phenomenal. As a soldier you can run along walls, leap around quickly and easily using a jetpack, and fight against giant mechs that land onto the planet from huge ships above.

It’s an online multiplayer FPS and everyone has their own Titan. While in the mechs the amount of firepower you have is HUGE and the action looks insane from the cockpit of the mechs. However pilots are much more agile. While you can kill the Titans, you cannot steal the Titan of another player.

I’m not even a fan of FPS games and I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by this game. It look absolutely insane!

TitanFall is being developed by Respawn Entertainment, a company founded by Jason West and Vince Zampella, who you may remember as the creators of Call of Duty at Infinity Ward. They were fired in ugly fashion, sued Activision with lawsuits back and forth, and left to form TitanFall. Amazing to see what they’ve been able to do.

The fact that TitanFall is an XboxOne exclusive is CRAZY. It’s worth noting however that the game WILL appear on PC too.


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