Super Mario 3D World Is New Non-Side-Scrolling Mario Game (WiiU). Cat Suit Power Up And 4-Player Simultaneous Play As Peach, Toad, Mario, Luigi (Ala Super Mario Bros. 2)

12 Jun

Super Mario 3D World WiiU Character Artwork

So out of leftfield! I love it! Cats! :D

Super Mario 3D World for WiiU has been announced via Nintendo’s E3 2013 Nintendo Direct presentation which showed off footage of the all-new non-side-scrolling Mario game.

This game expands on last year’s 3DS title “Super Mario 3D Land”. As the name suggests, it is not “Land” (like “Super Mario Land”) but “World” (Like Super Mario World), and thus is a step-up and giant expansion of what we saw on the 3DS, this time on the WiiU with console-lized HD graphics and cool new features.

The biggest feature of Super Mario 3D World is the addition of Peach, Toad and Luigi as completely separate playable characters all with their own separate abilities modeled after Super Mario Bros. 2! Not only that, but you can play as… wait for it…. CAT MARIO! The Cat Suit allows you to transform into Cat Mario, Cat Luigi, Cat Peach or Cat Toad with some really cool new abilities.

Super Mario 3D World Cat Mario Gameplay Screenshot

I love the way you can leap between platforms as a Cat!

The Cat Suit allows you to run very fast, quickly “pounce” and shoot downward towards platforms as you leap, catlike, from hill to hill, and best of all, the ability to climb walls! While the Cat Suit sounds completely ridiculous at first, once you see it in action you will cheer. It really makes the game look so much funner than it would without it and makes the platforming pop even more above and beyond standard Mario.

Get a much more in-depth view of the game with this Developer Interview.

Other than that, this game looks like Super Mario 3D Land, just not in stereoscopic 3D. The viewpoint is the same as in the 3DS game, and Shigeru Miyamoto emphasized that this game will have a greater focus on Pipes and Warp Pipes in this game, and you can actually see inside the pipe as your three other buddies go through them.

Super Mario 3D World 4-Player Platforming Screenshot Wii U

Remember these levels? Now with four players!

All in all, Super Mario 3D Land is a nice surprise, although not as huge of a leap for a new non-side-scrolling Mario game than say, the first time we saw Super Mario Galaxy. In that sense it is a bit disappointing, but once you see the game in action and realize that you get to play through it with four of your buddies on the couch in local multiplayer (will it support online multiplayer? We can only hope!), you will be hard pressed not to have a smile on your face. I know I sure did! Can’t wait to play it, and definitely more excited for this game than New Super Mario Bros. U.

It should be noted that this game and the new Donkey Kong are the titles Nintendo seems to work be working on first, and trying to get them out quickly to boost sales of the WiiU. Therefore, these games are based on previous games (Donkey Kong Country Returns and Super Mario 3D Land), which allows Nintendo to build and make them much quicker than if they had to build a completely new, and more innovative and unique game, in the vein of what we saw with Super Mario Galaxy. So take heart, a more innovative Mario game will definitely come soon enough, albeit probably not for another year or two.


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