Pikmin 3 E3 2013 Nintendo Direct Trailers, Videos. Offline Local Bingo Fruit Multiplayer Mode Revealed. No Online Multiplayer. Director’s Interview (WiiU)

13 Jun

Pikmin 3 Bingo Multiplayer Mode Gameplay Screenshot WiiU

Looks really fun.

Pikmin 3 is nearly upon us, but was still featured at E3 2013 in the Nintendo Direct presentation.

New to Pikmin 3 are a number of new multiplayer modes that really take the strategic depth and fun of Pikmin to new levels.

Pikmin 3 Pink Rock Pikmin Flowers Screenshot WiiU

Looks awesome!

You’ll have to compete with another player to try and kill all of their Pikmin or try and collect enough Fruit in a certain order in a unique Bingo style. Where the first player to find all the fruit in a certain order (based on his game board) wins. It sounds more boring than it looks, once you see it in action you’ll be a believer and see how awesome it is.

It looks like a heck of a lot of fun.

Sadly Pikmin 3 will NOT contain a co-op multiplayer mode, or online multiplayer. This is an extremely disappointing fact, but to be expected from Nintendo (sadly).

Pikmin 3’s release date is next month on August 4 2013.

Here is an Pikmin 3 Developer Direct Interview with Shigeru Miyamoto from E3 2013.

Pikmin 3 looks absolutely fantastic, and I can’t wait to buy the game as soon as I get a WiiU console.


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