Kirk Cameron’s Monumental Movie Is Biggest Selling One Night Event In Fathom Theater History

Kirk Cameron Monumental Wallpaper

Awesome wallpaper for Kirk Cameron’s epic film Monumental, on the history of America’s Founding.

Kirk Cameron’s epic film “Monumental“, distributed in theaters by NCM Fathon, has become the biggest event in the history of Fathom events!

And that’s huge, considering that Fathom was the organizer of a “Twilight” one-night event that showed all three of The Twilight Saga films back-to-back-to-back and consistently shows big events on the bigscreen, from boxing matches to UFC fights to re-releases of classic films to Opera, Symphony and popular band concerts.

If you haven’t heard of Kirk Cameron’s Monumental before (you arguably have, considering all the press Kirk Cameron got after his Piers Morgan Tonight interview), then you definitely owe it to yourself to check the film out.

Here’s a Kirk Cameron’s Monumental trailer:

Subtitled, “In Search of America’s National Treasure”, Monumental is a faith-based film that is presented, produced and starring Kirk Cameron (of “Growing Pains” 80s sitcom fame, and now a born-again confessed Christian evangelist, who’s still producing movies & acting) in a unique documentary that follows Kirk as he seeks to discover the truth behind America’s founding, and the people, places, and principles that made this the greatest and freest, generous and most prosperous nation in the history of the world.

The film asks important questions like:

What formula did they [U.S. Founders] discover? What motivated them to come here in the first place? More importantly, how can we apply these same foundational truths today?

Here is Kirk Cameron discussing the Monumental film indepth!

“Long regarded as ‘the land of opportunity,’ there’s no question the tiny band of religious outcasts who founded this country hit upon a formula for success that went way beyond what they could have imagined. How else can you explain the fact that they established a nation that has become the best example of civil, economic and religious liberty the world has ever known?”

Monumental is heralded as “inspiring,” “beautifully executed,” “powerful,” and “one meant to teach.”

Monumental is still going strong and still playing in select theaters at select times thanks to its monumental (pun intended) success and the fact that it has broken Fathom records and is still in high demand.

While you are out seeing The Avengers and awesome new and upcoming flicks like The Dark Knight Rises, Men In Black 3, The Amazing Spider-Man, Ice Age 4, Prometheus, Madagascar 3, Dark Shadows, That’s My Boy (starring Andy Samberg & Adam Sandler), Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Disney Pixar’s Brave, Chernobyl Diaries, Battleship and all the rest…. Why don’t you think for a moment about putting your money into a movie that REALLY matters and really needs your support?

Because of that little fact, I am hoping to be able to afford paying to see Monumental on the big screen while I still can.

And if you do miss the movie, be sure to pick up the home video release on DVD when it hits stores July 2012! You can also pre-order Monumental on DVD now! :)

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WatchMePlayGames: Elite Beat Agents Part 2 (DS) Let’s Play

Elite Beat Agents Taxi Driver Pregnant Woman Mission

Taxi Driver + Pregnant Lady = Chaos! :D

In part 2 of my Elite Beat Agents Let’s Play, we tackle a number of hilarious and awesome new levels on the easiest setting during the early portion of the game.

WatchMePlay Elite Beat Agents Part 2:

These include a Taxi stage in which a man is trying to successfully deliver his customers to where they want to go within the time limit… while also tackling a pregnant woman who is onboard!

A second story involves a love-struck painter and a seemingly emotionless women who has won his heart by having a passionate disinterest in all that he does, unmoved by his wondrous works of art, he seeks to win over her love…. All while the agents dance their way into YOUR HEART!

Finally we get to see a movie-studio in action as they film both an action and a romance piece, set to the music of the song “Makes No Difference”. ENJOY!

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Quote of the Day – The Riddles of God Are More Satisfying Than the Solutions of Man By G.K. Chesterton

Einstein Prayer

Einstein looks like he is praying in this pic. Great photo.

Quote of the Day for May 26th 2012,
“The riddles of God are more satisfying than the solutions of man.” by G.K. Chesterton

Isn’t this a fascinating quote?

There is so much truth to this, and it is amazing to me that people can deny it. Even Einstein considered himself to be a person who reveled in the Creation of a universe beyond the measure of man: “I want to know how God created the world. I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know His thoughts, the rest are details.”

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Song Video of the Day: School of Hard Knocks Music Video By P.O.D.

School of Hard Knocks Kitten Angels and Demon Dogs Music Video Screenshot

You know the sh*t’s about to get real when Angelic Kittens arrive on the scene!

School of Hard Knocks by P.O.D. is an interesting beast of a song with a really awesome, insanely unique music video. This is one of my favorite music videos by Payable On Death, a decision that is extremely though to make considering how many absolutely fantastic music videos these long-running Christian rockers have made.

P.O.D. School of Hard Knocks Music Video:

P.O.D. is one of those bands, like Flyleaf, who are continuously pumping out Singles, songs that are not on any of their main albums, and come from movie soundtracks, compilations, holidays albums and all other sorts of non-typical album releases; meaning that there are tons of people who have never heard some of P.O.D.’s best material…

Songs like “School of Hard Knocks” from the Little Nicky Soundtrack, “Going In Blind” from the P.O.D. Greatest Hits – The Atlantic Years compilation, “Sleeping Awake” from The Matrix Reloaded soundtrack, or “If It Wasn’t for You” from The Warriors EP II… And there are many, many more that you’ve likely never heard, like P.O.D.’s The Chargers Anthem which was recorded live on-stage during a San Diego Chargers football game!

This music video for “School of Hard Knocks” is amazing, you get the band rocking out in the pouring rain, an epic Heavenly battle between Angelic Kittens and Demonic Dogs (no that is not a typo), and all kids of balls-to-the-wall crazy scenes interspersed with moments of Adam Sandler from the develish Little Nicky comedy. It all makes for one HELL of a unique music video, enjoy!

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WatchMePlayGames: Kid Icarus Uprising Part 2 (3DS) Let’s Play

Kid Icarus: Uprising Light Door

Enter the LIGHT PIT!

In WatchMePlayGames: Kid Icarus Uprising Part 2, we jump into the tutorial sections of Nintendo’s latest Angelic shooter/action game for the Nintendo 3DS.

WatchMePlay Kid Icarus Uprising Part 2

This section of the game walks you through how this unique title plays, from running on the ground to attack enemies, to avoiding and dodging enemy attacks, to flying through the skies to shoot down the forces of Medusa.

You get to hear lots of funny banter between Pit and the Goddess Palutena as she informs Pit on the nuances of becoming a great Angelic warrior!

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Andy Rooney On Lists and Magazines

Top 10 Lists Sell

Make anything a “Top 10” and you are surely to get more eyeballs. Lists, lists, lists!

Lists lists lists. Editors discovered a long time ago that if you put something in a list… People will be intrigued enough to read it, even if they normally would not care about the topic. Why?

Because people are naturally more intrigued to simply see what’s on the list, what order its compiled in and how what it contains is listed. Everyone wants to know what was selected as number 1, and what was given last place. Why? Because most people will naturally disagree with the list, and they want to see how the list would compare with their own results.

The Yahoo frontpage and that of many other website homepages is a great example of how this little trick works and works well. People are often so upset with the list and disagree with it so much, that they comment on the article. Thus handing the people who composed the list a double-win. Not only did you take the time out of your busy day to READ the list and increase their numbers and viewership, but you also COMMENTED on their article. Spurring even more discussion and virtually ensuring that the article will be read by even more people (people tend to click on articles with high comment counts, more comments also raises the pages google and search engine ratings, ensuring it gets more exposure).

The moral of the story? Whenever you see lists compiled, especially if its by a publication you disagree with, despise, or think is unworthy to be read, RESIST THE URGE to read the list they’ve made. This can be a hard thing to accomplish, but every little part you do helps. By reading and especially by commenting, even if its a negative comment to tell these people how little they know, you’ve just handed them the victory!

In this funny piece, the late, great, Andy Rooney discusses the magazines of 1996, and how each and every cover seems to be full of nonsensical “lists”, ranging from the “20 Most Fascinating Women Politicians” to “33 Ways To Simplify Your Life” to “Answers to the 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Orgasm”.

Admit it… You would’ve picked up and read a few of these if you came across them right? Sad, sad reality… just like “sex sells”, “lists sell” is a new term, and one that is still being implemented on a daily basis throughout the Internets. One reason why IGN started getting so much hate… and yet I’d be willing to bet that their viewership increased…. People love lists…..

Here is Andy Rooney On Lists and Magazines:

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Skyrim Mounted Combat Announced In Patch 1.6, Says Bethesda

Skyrim Mounted Combat Patch 1.6 Screenshot

Skyrim Mounted Combat Gameplay Screenshot

Just when you thought Skyrim couldn’t get any more awesome, Bethesda goes and adds Mounted Combat to the game!

That’s right, combat while riding horseback will be added with the official “Patch #1.6” which is currently in beta as we speak. If you are playing Skyrim via Steam, you can download the Mounted Combat Patch Beta to see what its all about and help the developers iron out all of the bugs!

A release date for the Mounted Combat Patch 1.6 has yet to be announced, but hopefully it’ll come sooner rather than later, for consoles as well as PC.

The Mounted Combat Patch for Skyrim follows many other very cool features that have been patched into the game via updates, including snazzy new Kill Cams and the long-awaited gesture-and-voice controls for the Xbox 360 Kinect Motion Camera!

Here is an awesome live-action Skyrim commercial!

Don’t forget to check out my extremely popular Skyrim For Real – Live Action Music Video Is Breathtaking! One Voice, One Violin – Lindsey Stirling, Peter Hollens article!


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Support Unlocked Treasures of the Heart, Me and MyDad’s Kickstater Project!

Unlocked Treasures of the Heart Jamie Logo

This Unlocked Treasures of the Heart logo was drawn by our friend Jamie. R.I.P.

Hello boys and girls,

Please take a hard look at me and my dad’s Kickstarter Project, called “Unlocked Treasures of the Heart“. This is a project that has been 40 years in the making as it seeks to turn my dad’s life’s work of Christian songs, ballads, poems, StorySongs and writings into a published literary work. To get to that book form, we need your help.

We still have a whopping 20 days left for our Kickstarter Campaign, but we need your support! Please take a look at the project and read the sample songs we have provided, these are full pieces or partials, which give you a strong example of what will be included in the final book. If you like what you see, please Like the Unlocked Treasures of the Heart Project Page, and consider Backing it with whatever you can afford, even if it is only $1! We’d greatly, greatly appreciate it!

Of course, the most important thing you can do is tell your friends or people you think might be interested! Also tweet it to help us spread the word to the wide world, and post it on your Facebook wall, encouraging others to check it out!

Farewell and Godspeed!

Here is an unused video that was originally going to be our pitch for the Unlocked Treasures Kickstarter Project! It’ll give you a lot more insight into what to expect from the project, as told by MyDad himself.


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Prayer Request – Pray for Benny Hinn and His Family

Pastor Benny Hinn

Pray for the restoration of Benny Hinn’s family.

This comes directly from Benny Hinn’s newsletter, asking that people pray for the restoration of his family, which he believes is already underway. Either way, it is important for us to pray for those pastors, leaders and preachers of the gospel, they arguably need prayer more than any of us, because they are responsible for leading the lost to Christ and taking care of their flock.

“I have wonderful news that I know will be an incredible blessing to you and a great encouragement to your family.

Our God is a God of restoration and reconciliation. The cross is the ultimate symbol of His unending yearning to reconcile man to God and will be our only hope for healing. I know, for I experienced this healing when I gave my heart to my precious Master Jesus so many years ago; but I have experienced His healing touch more recently when He began His glorious healing work in my own family, as the process of restoration in my marriage has begun.

And it all started this past Christmas…

What could have been one of the loneliest Christmases of my life turned out to be one of the most beautiful I have ever experienced. As my children, grandchildren, Suzanne, and I gathered together on Christmas day, I began to sense that our precious Lord Jesus was moving in my family to bring about the healing and reconciliation I have prayed for so long. We laughed together, exchanged gifts, and reminisced about all the wonderful memories of family over the years, and I breathed a simple prayer, “Lord Jesus, protect my family for Your name’s sake.”

As many of you know, my wife, Suzanne, and I have been through a difficult season in our life and marriage. And while I am not prepared to make any announcements about what is taking place, I ask that you continue to pray for our family and be watching This Is Your Day for some precious news about what God is doing.

But I will say this: what I want more than anything on this earth is for God’s will to be done in my life, Suzanne’s life, and in the lives of my children and grandchildren. As a family we have been through so much, but we have seen God do the miraculous as He has called my daughters into the precious work of the Lord, delivered my son, and now begun the process of complete restoration in my marriage.

My beloved partner, I want to tell you afresh and anew that preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ is my heart and my life, and I want to preach it until my heart stops beating. I want to cry out the words, “Jesus saves, Jesus saves, Jesus saves” until the last beat of my heart and, by His grace, the last words I breathe to be, “To Jesus be the praise!”

You’ve been my partner and have stuck with me through thick and thin—through everything that has happened—and with all my heart I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. I am grateful to you beyond words and will love you always. I thank my precious Jesus for bringing you into my life, and I pray that He will bless you over and over again, meeting every need in your life.

I pray every day for you, my precious partner, and I ask that He will move in a mighty way on your behalf—healing your home, your life, and your finances. I pray that He will make you whole in every area of your life. You are precious to Him, just as you are precious to me. And together we can truly be part of the coming greatest harvest!

So continue to pray with me that His healing work will be completed and, very soon, we will rejoice together at what our mighty God has done in our midst.

I love you so much and you are more precious to me that I can say,
Benny Hinn”

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Photo of the Day – Happy Memorial Day 2012! And When He Gets To Heaven To Saint Peter He Will Tell, Just Another Soldier Reporting Sir I’ve Served My Time In Hell

Just Another Soldier Reporting Sir, I've Spent My Time In Hell

Happy Memorial Day Weekend 2012, May 25-27th.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to everyone and to all the American soldiers who served, and who have served, and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of this fine nation, we honor and salute you.

It is because of your sacrifice that our freedom to live a life far from war, a life of peace and the pursuit of happiness, is a reality. We honor the service that many brave men and woman still make even in this day and age of uber partisan bickering and wide gulfs between parties. Even so, the brave soldier does as he is ordered, and makes sacrifices everyday, putting themselves in harms way, that we civilians cannot even comprehend.

To those still serving in warzones like Iraq and Afghanistan, we pray for your safety, that you may return home and hold your head up high; proud in the silent duty you’ve displayed, knowing that you’re life experience is unmatched by most who will pass through this realm, and that you have given all you had to a cause greater than your own self interests.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! Take a minute or two to bow your head, and say prayer for our active duty American soldiers, men and women abroad and at home, as well as for all who serve, including Policemen, Firemen, Coast Guard, pilots, bus drivers, and all those who put themselves in compromising or dangerous situations on a daily basis, for the service of others and the betterment of their community. Without them, our society would cease to function, and that is something often taken for granted.

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