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Mega Man Joins Super Smash Bros. 4 WiiU, 3DS! Retro Awesome To the Max! New E3 2013 Trailer Videos (Nintendo Direct)

Super Smash Bros. 4 Mega Man Wallpaper WiiU 3DS Screenshot Cutscene

Bad freakin’ ass! Mega Man joins the Smash Bros. cast!

Mega Man is in Super Smash Bros. 4 WiiU/3DS, and you can see the Blue Bomber in action with this new E3 2013 Nintendo Direct gameplay reveal trailer which showed off the first official footage of the new Super Smash Bros. games in action!

The game looks really good, the graphics look great, and all of the classic characters you know and love are featured, including: Samus, Link, Donkey Kong, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Pikachu, Fox, etc.

Two new characters were revealed: Mega Man annnnnd…. Villager! The Villager is from Animal Crossing, and has awesome Animal Crossing inspired moves like Cutting Trees and hooking your opponents head with his net!

But Mega Man is the one who stole the show! He has the most badass classic Mega Man, retro gameplay look and has moves inspired by all of the original NES Mega Man 1 8bit bosses! I was also extremely impressed with the way they made Mega Man’s Buster Arm Cannon shoot completely differently from Samus’.


Officially entitled simply “Super Smash Bros.”, it will be released for WiiU and 3DS in 2014!


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Retro Review: GameCube Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing GameCube Logo

The well-known Animal Crossing logo. Originally called Animal Forest.

Read my entire GameCube Animal Crossing review here.

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