Muslims Converting to Christianity Videos. Amazing Testomonies and Stories of Actual Islam People Believing in Jesus Christ With Open Eyes and Love In Their Hearts

14 Oct

Jesus Loves Muslims Too. Christian to Islam Building Bridges to the World Art

Jesus loves Muslims too. Remember to build bridges from Christianity to Islam wherever you can.

These stories of Muslims converting to Christianity from Islam will amaze you and bring you to tears.

These are real stories from actual Muslims who found the light of Jesus Christ and with love in their hearts and an open mind, discovered that Jesus was what He said He is: “The Way, The Truth and The Life.”

If you know a Muslim, carefully but with conviction and love, ask them to watch these videos. Questions fill their minds, and they are taught to not question what they are told. However questions remain, and Jesus, Almighty God, has the answers that Allah and His Messenger Muhammid do not provide. Reading the Bible will open their eyes, as it has to these beautiful people of the Quran.

Zamzam, a Young Muslim Lady, Comes to Christ After Comparing the Koran to the Christian Bible

Iranian Shiite Muslim And ex-Hezbollah Member Finds Christ

Part 2

Egyptian Woman Faces Death At Hands of Her Husband and Father For Finding the Love of Christ

More coming soon.

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