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Coin Collecting – 1950s US Mint Proof Sets

1954 Proof Set

A Proof Set from 1954 will run you only $280!

I like collecting things, Coins, Videogames, magazines, etc.

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I recently thought of an excellent idea.

If you started collecting the 1950s Coins right now, you could do so with relatively small cost going back to 1954. You can get the 1954 US Mint Proof set (which would include all Coins minted during that year, typically a Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Half-Dollar and any dollar coins or special coins that were minted) for about the same price as an Xbox 360 or PS3.

The 1954 set runs you $279.95. If you go one year below that, the price jumps exponentially into “iPad” territory at a cost of $549.95. As you’d expect, it gets more expensive going into every year prier to that, with ’52 costing $599.95. From there it jumps exponentially with 1951’s set costing you a hefty $1049.95!

So, if you were to act now, you could get halfway through the 1950s without too much trouble. From 1954 on at a little under $300. After saving enough for those sets, you could then start going down the line until 1956 at $119.95. 1958 will cost you $135.95, but then the cost drops down significantly!

So after essentially collecting most of the 1950s Coins, you can keep going nearly until modern day at an average cost of about $20-60! Some years are more expensive however, such as 2008 which (for some reason) costs $135.95.

Think about that for a second though. Now is your chance to get Coins from the age of your parents birth! Which is probably around the 1950s if you are my age. My dad was born in 1952. But this won’t always be the case, it won’t be too long before 1950s era coins will cost $1000 and up, but if you acted now you could snag them!

I think this is a pretty good strategy. Of course if you looked around via ebay and such you could probably find the Coins cheaper (or maybe not, I don’t know) but it’s a great idea I think to get a good collection going. So I’ll definitely be looking into it.

Of course, I gotta have a job first…. :P

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