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Videogames, videogames, as far as the eye can see! Eat it, breath it, live it (or something)

What to read today? Like videogames? How about you READ THIS!

This page will be exactly what the title says it is, a compilation of interesting videogame-related articles I’ve found on the Internets. While I do have videogames listed as a category over on “Good Reads, Useful Links, Interesting Stories From Around the Web“, this page will be focused exclusively on videogames and will cover a lot more bases. Please check out both pages, you’re bound to find something to tickle your fancy. :)

Last Updated: April 17, 2012 (New articles will have an asterisk)

10. * Says Huge Discounts In Games Hurt Brand’s Longterm Value – An interesting articles from one of the only real competitors of Steam, And the arguments for why they don’t cut their prices as low as Steam. I think he makes a good case. He also states how he thinks Steam sales are bad for everyone, because they make gamers believe paying such a cheap price is normal, or that the gamer wants a game they don’t need and is willing to pay cash for it… Damn, he’s talking about me! :O :P

9. * The Benefits of Crowd-Funding (Kickstarter) For RPGs – This article expands on the below one discussing crowd-funding, like Kickstarter, and how that may revolutionize the RPG localizing business.

8. * Adapting to Kick Starter’s Learning Curve – An article about how Gaijinworks is planning to fund the RPG Class of Heroes 2 for PSP, and how they’ve had to adapt to learn how to develop using funds from Kickstarter.

7. Why Videogames Can’t Afford To Cost This Much – A very interesting article discussing the outlandish views of THQ’s Executive Richard Browne who makes the argument that the videogame industry and videogame publishers need to absolutely purge the system of the second-hand market that exists today via places like GameStop, Amazon, Blockbuster and Best Buy…. But mostly GameStop (i.e. “The Evil Empire”). The writer of the article, Chris Kohler, then proceeds to tear that argument apart piece by piece, and ultimately makes the case for why the high cost of videogames is killing the market more than anything; and why used videogames are here to stay. An argument that is backed up by more facts than the counter-argument. Especially given the FACT that I traded in SEVEN games at GameStop just so I could pre-order a brand-new upcoming game. I traded Fatal Frame II, New Super Mario Bros. DS, Super Mario Galaxy, Punch-Out Wii, Kirby’s Return to Dreamland and Super Mario 3D Land in order to pre-order Xenoblade Chronicles and thus support Operation Rainfall. I went through ALL that trouble, and this guy has the GALL to say that no one goes to GameStop and trades games in to pick up a new game. ABSOLUTELY bogus and a complete and TOTAL lie through and through.

6. The Glorious Aran Race… Samus Aran That Is. YOU RACIST

5. The Rageaholic – Youtube Channel — A guy I used to know at Junior High. I think I’ll be scared once I watch his videos. Just posting this here so I can go back to it later.

4. How to Contact Nintendo of America, Demanding They Release Pandora’s Tower (Wii) In America

3. Immersion Therapy Stack of Shame: Never Finished – A really interesting article about how videogames not only cost too much, but take too much time to playthrough, leaving gamers with endless “stacks of shame”, virgin games that have never been touched!

2. GameStop Could Refuse to Stock the PS4/PlayStation Orbis If It Blocks Used Games – Interesting article, analyst Michael Pachter (who has a history of being wrong) has stated that if the PlayStation Orbis (the codename for the in-development PlayStation 4) blocks off the ability to play used games, then GameStop could refuse to sell the system at all in their stores. Which would greatly harm sales of the system.

1. The Real Cost of Used Games by THQ Executive Richard Browne – This is an interesting piece (and one that’s entirely wrong) from the perspective of the publishers of videogames themselves. They are argue for why used videogames need to be cut off and why it is hurting the videogame industry. The first article above (Article #1) is the response to this one.


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