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Tippi Real Life Wild Child Girl Pics. French White Girl Tippi Degre Grew Up In Africa Among Wild Animals. Riding Elephants and Ostriches, Sleeping With Lions, Hugging Bullfrogs. Wrote Book Called Tippi of Africa. Claims She Can Communicate With Animals

Tippi Africa Riding Ostrich

She’s riding a freakin’ ostrich! :O

Tippi of Africa. Ever seen a real life wild child little girl who rides elephants, sleeps with lions, plays with snakes, rides ostrich and hugs frogs? Meet Tippi Degre, a French white girl who grew up and was raised amongst the native black Africans and became part of their culture (at least, this is what I can assume from the webposting. I have not looked at the book yet).

She was born into a world that lives amongst wild animals as if they were domesticated. And as such, she learned how to play and interact with them on a level regular humans can never realize. The photos of her are stunning, and she claims that she can speak to animals and hear them, and that they understand her. It is known that animals have a language all their own, and the Bible says they will bow to Christ and know who He is. I find that a fascinating fact. Some quotes of her, a little girl in most of these pictures but now 23-years-old (you can see a few adult photos of her too), quotes her saying things like, “I don’t have friends here. Because I never see children. So the animals are my friends.”

Enjoy the photos and definitely check out her book. I definitely will.

Little Girl With Sleeping Lion Cub Tippi of Africa

Tippi’s sleeping with a lion cub!

Frog Hugging Little Girl Trippi Africa

Tippi Frog hugging! So cute!

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Mr. Winston (A Dog’s Tale) Unlocked Treasures Studio StorySong Sample

Mr. Winston the Puppy

Mr. Winston may look nice and innocent, but DO NOT BE FOOLED!

Mr. Winston (A Dog’s Tale) is a new song written by MyDad and will be included in the book we hope to publish as 1 of 30 literary pieces from the vaults of Unlocked Treasures Studio, where 100 more songs just like this one reside.

This song is really a comedic piece, and is quite hilarious if I must say so myself. The pictures we took of our new pup (who inspired this song), also fit SOOO perfectly with the words my dad wrote. Dad had a lot of fun with this piece, and I’m sure you will too. :)


Hey ! Mister Winston…wha’d you do with my shoe ?

Now…Listen Winston…I know ya like ta …Chew
It seems ta satisfy your jitters…from being such a rube

So I’m asking you kindly
Hey! Mister Winston…wha’d you do with my shoe?

Running round the house…like a crazy mouse
With all that curly hair…tail wagging every where
Chewings on your mind…anything you find… will do
Tell me.. Winston…who lit your little puppy fuse…

I know Buddy and Bella…would never act like you
Oh…There gonna put ya… in the Winstonion news
Right on the front cover…with my missing shoe

No no…don’t do this…uh uh… don’t do that
Better watch out…for Lilly.. the bossy cat
Jumping-n- rolling…sliding-n- flowing…all over the room
Chubby little Winston…ya got my heart in a swoon
Dragging dirty clothes…prancing to your own tune
Using my boxer shorts …for a broom

Ya know..Mr. Winston
Not Sammy not Chelsea…not Sheba not Kelly
Heck! Not even Beau would ever…do like you do

Come Read all about it…in the puppy dog News
How a chubby little cubby…chews up our shoes

Mr. Winston the Pup, the Embodiment Of Evil

Mr. Winston the Puppy… The Embodiment of Evil Manifest.

Hes curly…hes fuzzy…hes happy.. hes tubby

And I think..He might be smarter… than the average dude
Cause when hes sleeping…we say lovely
Forgetting crazy puppy antics…he puts us through

Mom bathes him in the kitchen sink
Even happy little puppies… can kinda stink
All wet..acting like a fradey cat
Mom dries em with a fluffy towel
And wraps his a hoodie like hat

Big sad eyes …and a mopey face
Mr. Winston…cocks his head and contemplates
Another round…of the Winston race
Where he trots around…like a snorting bull
In the world where puppies…think they rule

Well.. the latest report… on the Winstonion News
Says…worn out man…can’t find his shoe

Now Winston..I know ya like ta…Chew
It seems ta satisfy your jitters…from being such a rube
And since all them other dogs…once were puppies… just like you
I’m gonna ask ya kindly…and use the Golden Rule
Mister Winston !
Wha’d you do with my shoe !???

Copyright May 2012
UnLocked Treasures Studio
S.E. R.
All Rights Reserved

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Real Metroid Jellyfish Blob of Cascade Deepstaria Enigmatica Fame Is Huge, Mysterious, Creepy And Not A Real Metroid (Video of the Day)

Real Metroid Jellyfish Blog (Deepstaria Engimatica)

Nintendo GOT IT RIGHT! Metroid’s DO EXIST! As Level 9999 Deepstaria Enigmatica Giant Blob Jellyfish!!!

Jellyfish or Metroid? Does it suck the lifeforce of anything it touches? Does anyone even know if it DOESN’T?!

Those questions and more will ponder your head when you watch this video…

Captivating the Internet like something that captivates the eyballs of five million human beings (the video’s current views sit at 5,061,629) the “Cascade Creature”, or “DeepSea Blob”, as it’s affectionately called by people who don’t know any better; Is in actuality a giant version of a Deepstaria Enigmatica deepsea Jellyfish. It was discovered and captured on video near a deep-sea oil rig off the coast of the UK.

It also looks like it has its insides on the outside… a brainy, disgusting, ungodly like mass within a huge hexiconal pattern of blob…. God I wish I could feel it….. Don’t you just wanna touch it?

It’s so creepy looking… and many people thought it wasn’t actually real. But apparently it IS real, and these types of jelly are known. However they have never seen one of this size apparently. I haven’t seen the actual size mentioned, and it’s tough to know how big it actually is since there is nothing to compare it to in the video.

But man is it cool looking. I wonder if Metroid’s really DO exist….. Ahem. I like this comment by a guy on reddit, in relation to the Metroid blob: “It’s probably a jellyfish that has been regenerating since the dawn of time and has finally reached level 9999!” Hahaha. Freakin’ awesome. All I have to say to that is… “indeed”. Non RPG fans will be confused by that statement, which only makes it funnier.

Real Metroid Wallpaper (Metroid Prime Art)

Why God?! Why are Metroid’s NOT REAL!!!!!!!!!!! :( *sigh*

Here is the truth about the Metroid Blob (as I’ll continue to call it whether you like it or not):

“This bag-like jelly is not that rare, but is large, so rarely seen intact. In the video, the swirling from the sub makes the medusa appear to undulate and it even turns inside-out… The web-like pattern is not a nerve net, as some comments have said. It is branches from their digestive system. This type of jellyfish is usually found in the south Atlantic Ocean; it has oral arms terminating in curious hook-shaped organs,” said Steven Haddock, a scientist for the Monterrey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in Moss Landing, California, writing on his “Jellywatch” Facebook Page.

This Deepstaria Enigmatica Jellyfish was first identified in the deeps of the Antarctic Ocean in 1966 using a deep-sea submarine research vessel.

That’s gotta be one of the greatest jobs ever…. Which reminds me… One day I WILL own a jellyfish aquirium! *adds to list of “life accomplishments to get to one day”*


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When Ferrets Overtake Mass Effect and Mortal Kombat. Art Is Win (Thanks to Amales the Artist)

Mass Ferret 3 Art

The Heavens.... says the Mass Effect ferret.

Ferrets. Mass Effect. Mortal Kombat. Ferret Effect. Mass Ferret. Mortal Ferret. Kombat Ferret. Ferret Kombat. Mortal Ferret Mass Kombat Ferret Effect.

The moral of the story? Everything is made better by adding “Ferret” to the end of the word. You know. I know it. There is no argument, no discussion. Only reality. Ferret reality.

That’s right. Some crazy one-eyed individual has gone on artistic rampage and combined FERRETS (those lovable, furry, alien looking creatures that some people own as pets, and other people fear…) with popular videogame franchises Mortal Kombat and Mass Effect. Her penname is “Amales” and she’s a 26-year-old artist from Russia. And her work is pretty amazing, be sure to check out her Amales Ferret-loving Deviant Art and send her some love. Tell her “” sent ya!

And no, you do not get real-life ferrets dressed up as Mortal Kombat and Mass Effect characters. I know I know, I was kinda disappointed too. But then I saw the artwork and all was well again. ENJOY!

Ferret Sub-Zero

Mortal Kombat Ferret is the best Ferret Combat... Yes.

Ferret Shephard in Mass Effect Artwork

When Shephard Was Bonded With A Ferret, The World Was Doomed

Ferret Mortal Kombat Art

Liu Kang Meets Ferret. Ferret Kombat Is Win

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The Big Thing Today: Youtube Favorites (Old Page)

Today’s Big Thing or The Big Thing Today (Youtube Favorites) has been moved!

I decided that this concept was too big for one article, and I’d rather turn it into a page to make it much more visible so that anyone who goes to the frontpage of my site will have easy access to “The Big Thing Today” via the pages listed at the top of the website.

So simply hit the link above and it’ll take you to the page, where you can watch some of the best videos on youtube! Thanks for stopping by. :)


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MyDad: Youtube and Old Guys

Carin Terrier Dog and his cute look

I remember this stance well... Gotta love these lil guys.

I never thought a whole lot about you tube… except for casual listening to my favorite oldie songs – From Woodstock bands to classical stuff – And songs I’ve heard over the years…

My taste runs all over the place. And whatever my heart desires, or I should say, my mind can remember – I don’t think I’ve ever NOT found something about it on youtube, good quality or not. I could spend HOURS, listening to old fav’s, and each time I click on one… A whole row of new songs, relating to the last, pops up! Utterly AMAZING.

Over my computer usage year (I started out pretty slow), my kids [Editor’s Note: That’s me. :)] have showed me a lot. Helped me immensely. Oh yeah, can’t forget the one who puts up with me – My wife has also helped me in a lot of stuck situations. So now after being around the Internet for… well since the last decade off and on… I can now actually log on and read the news… And go on youtube.

Anyway, what I want to talk about is actually what youtube did for me…

Ya see… My dog died last March 31st [Ed Note: RIP Sammy :(], and then a few months later our other dog, the first one’s pal, had to be put to sleep [Ed Note: RIP Chelsea :( :(].

Chelsea and Cloud

Chelsea was the sweetest dog... best pals with our cat Cloud. As you can see here, they loved each other!

Now this may sound weird or maybe different – But youtube eased the pain… Not with my oldies playlist, but I just happened to look up a type of dog (Carinterrier mix) and there popped up on the screen videos of little guys that looked just like my pals… Sammy and Chelsea… It was… wonderful.

And yet so sad at the same time. Then I found some videos that people had put of beautiful music to their dogs… Their best pals. Sometimes funny music. For a while, everday, I’d get online and go to youtube and watch as terrier pups, terrier old guy dogs, etc. all did their funny things… Or just slept as their owners proudly shared them with all who wanted to watch.

It was like medicine for me…

At first I thought maybe I was being a little silly… For an old construction worker – Then it just all settled in that the sadness and the kinda guilty feeling I was wrestling around with just kinda floated away…

As I read different comments, like what a good looking little fella you have there… It reminds me of one of my cherished little guys…

Well thank God for youtube and this whole Internet deal… Even an old guy like me can see how so many people are touched by someone’s simple video. So as I forge ahead into computerland, toss up a prayer now and then for us older guys… Oft-amazed still, at what this wonderful technology brings.

Btw, I fell in love with this dog in particular, named Frank the Tank, as you can see in this beautiful video. :) He’s not doing much but relaxing… but I hope you enjoy the music of Stanton Lanier’s song “Resting” from his album “The Voice”.

I also love this video… you can actually see Frank the Tank walking around in this one. Gotta love when Sweet Sarah barks! Enjoy.

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