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Retro Nintendo Reviews Websites. Check It Out

Retro Nintendo Reviews

Great website! Check it out!

Retro Nintendo Reviews is a very cool website that focuses exclusively on reviewing some of the biggest hits, and little-known gems, for Nintendo’s systems of yesteryear. Be them NES, SNES, or N64 games, etc.

This is a really cool website that you definitely should check out. Of course, I’m a Nintendo fanboy so this type of thing really tugs on my heartstrings, but the concept is really cool and the reviews are definitely worth reading.

Here is a really cool and SUPER IMPRESSIVE video of the creator of the website playing through NES Contra and beating it WITHOUT DYING. It’s worth noting that this run is NOT done on an emulator, but on the real deal! That’s what I like to see! I am so TIRED and SICK of seeing everyone record everything on an emulator. There is no replacement for the real thing!

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