The Big Thing Today (Youtube Favorites)

Better Hide Dem Kids

The infamous bed intruder of “Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife” fame.

What’s today’s big thing? What about youtube favorites of big thing’s past? Here on this page you’ll be able to find youtube funny’s, fails, pets & animals, pranks, OMG awesome, interesting and random stuff from throughout the internets.

We’ll focus on videos that have a big following or made a huge splash, although we (me and my brothers) are free to include whatever we darn well please in this list. Please check back everyday, as new videos will constantly be added!

Look forward to seeing new content here virtually everyday. ENJOY!

Last Updated On: April 16, 2012

Table of Contents

38. Ugly Face

Now Presenting.. ‘Drum Roll Please’.. EDBASSMASTER!

37. Christmas Food Court Flash Mob

Here is a Similar Flash Mob Video

36. Food Court Musical

This Was the First Improv Everywhere Video I watched a Few Years Back. Brilliant!

35. Frozen Grand Central

Improv Everywhere.

34. David Guetta MegaMix(With Me and David Guetta)

Here’s Another Video of Keenan Cahill Doin’ His Thing.

33. Down on Me (With Me and 50 Cent)



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