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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze WiiU Announced. Dixie Kong Returns. Sequel to DKC: Returns With Even Crazier Level Design. Trailer Videos, Screenshots, Developer Interview

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Dixie Kong Gameplay Screenshot WiiU

Dixie Kong Returns! :D

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is the tastily-named WiiU sequel to the Wii/3DS hit Donkey Kong Country Returns. This time featuring the modern-debut of Dixie Kong from Donkey Kong Country 2 on SNES! AWESOME!

I’ve always hoped they would bring Dixie back. Hopefully she’ll also be playable in Super Smash Bros. 4 Wii U/3DS!

This game looks to play almost exactly like DKC:R but the level design has truly been kicked up a notch and looks like an absolute blast! Literally, as the camera shifts and rotates around to show different viewpoints on the action as you blast yourself from the token Donkey Kong Country barrel cannon to barrel cannon in super quick fashion…

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Underwater Effects Screenshot

Looks absolutely gorgeous!

And believe you me, the barrel blasting action looks absolutely phenomenal.

Then of course you have Dixie Kong, who has been added to the roster for the first time since her debut. Just like in the classic 16bit Donkey Kong Country 2 originally released for Super NES in 1995, Dixie can use her long blonde ponytail hair to hover through the air, and reach higher areas. This game also has a large focus on Minecart levels, and cool visual tricks just like in the first game.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze looks very similar to the last Donkey Kong title, but even so, it just looks flat out fun. And the level design is top-notch.

Here is an in-depth discussion on the game with the developers.

I also must mention that you face off against a group of animal vikings! From Viking Penguins to Viking Boars… YES! :D Absolutely awesome.

While Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze looks like an absolutely solid, fantastic, must-play classic-style platformer, many people were disappointed that this is the new project that Nintendo’s Retro Studios, makers of the Metroid Prime series, are working on.

People were hoping that Nintendo would reveal a new Metroid game (Like Metroid Dread WiiU), or a new IP, or an all-new entry in a classic series like Star Fox, and that it would be developed by Retro. Instead, we get another Donkey Kong sequel.

However, as I pointed out earlier, Nintendo likely chose to make a Donkey Kong Country Returns sequel because they already had a game to build off of, and they needed another hit that they could quickly put together, of high quality, and quickly release to drive sales of the WiiU this holiday.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is that game, and fills that void. Rest assured, hopefully Nintendo has a new Metroid lined up that we’ll see next year that Retro will start working on, or is already working on (or a new IP or something else), as they put the finishing touches on this new Donkey Kong.

The game will hit this November 2013 exclusively for WiiU.


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Cannibal Interview With A Real-Life Human Flesh Eating Murderer Issei Sagawa (Video of the Day)

Cannibal Issei Sagawa Arrest

The arrest of cannibal Issei Sagawa arrest.

A real-life cannibal is interviewed in this video. That’s right, a human-flesh eating murderer named Issei Sagawa of Japan. I was surfing youtube and randomly came across this interview. The contents are gruesome, grim, disgusting, disheartening and evil, so viewer discretion is advised. If you are someone who is easily put into despair by news reports of murders and innocent victims then definitely steer clear of watching this video.

Likewise, those who are faint-of-heart should exercise caution, and those who do not want to get down or depressed with violent, horrific subject matter should think twice before watching (I also warn you NOT to google image his name, you’ll regret it). For everyone else, this is a fascinating, scary, disturbing look into the mind of a cannibal and a murderer.

I personally enjoy watching real-life crime and murder-investigation stories, although you have to pace yourself as watching too much can get into your head and is a bad thing. Even so, I found some of this particular video interview with a cannibal hard to watch. It’s just so sad, when you know that a young girl was murdered, and for exactly no reason.

One of the most fascinating parts of this interview however is in the beginning, when the cannibal is describing the evil that lurks within himself… the way he explains it, he believes he must be from another world. He says it is as if he comes from a planet of cannibals, and was dropped here on earth…

We know that all evil extends from Satan, evil spirits, demons and Fallen Angels. Those beings who are forever apart from God, and in whom no good exists. They seek only to do evil and compel unGodliness in human people.

Human beings can always be saved and their lives can be turned around if only they’d turn to Jesus Christ to heal their evil minds and cover their sins (see Christian-murderer Saul>Paul from the Bible)… But without that knowledge, you get this. This man believes he is from another dimension. And he is partially correct. The demonic spirit that inhabits him and speaks to him and convinces him to do these evil things IS from another dimension.

Are demons cannibals? Let me flip that question on it’s head. Would you be surprised if Satan and his demonic hordes ate each other and others? The Bible says this about Satan, “He roams the Earth like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” I think the answer to that question is pretty clear.

If evil men will kill others for their own personal enjoyment, or desire to eat the flesh of another human (even an innocent woman or girl), what more evil things do you believe the demonic realm is capable of? It is very clear to me that this man is lost in a sea of demonic possession/oppression.

It makes me wonder what would have happened if someone would have preached the gospel to him, and told him that God’s rules forbid the killing of your fellow man.

And I wonder if the outcome would’ve been different had someone advised him to fear God, the only one who can condemn your soul to Hell forever. The power of Jesus Christ has already been proven to change the perspective and the course of a murderer and to compel them to not commit the most heinous of crimes, but how will they hear to listen without a preacher? Very sad to think about.

Even so, we should pray for this man and for the family of his victim, and always remember to lead people you encounter who are capable of evil things to the light. Whether you can ultimately prevent it is an open question, as even Jesus Christ Himself could not save those who don’t want to be saved (even when God was standing amongst them IN THE FLESH), but at the very least it gives them the option of choosing another course in life. It is then entirely up to them, to choose God over Satan.


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Paul Ryan Brit Hume Fox News Interview Full Video

Brit Hume Paul Ryan Interview (Fox News) With Mitt Romney Vice Presidential VP Screenshot

Paul Ryan sits down with veteran political analyst and former Special Report host Brit Hume.

This Brit Hume Paul Ryan interview from Fox News is the first solo interview that Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential Candidate gave to the media.

Just by watching it you’ll learn more on how Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney plan to take Barack Obama on over Medicare, how they plan to balance the U.S. Budget, where they stand on taxes and tax loopholes, how they plan to trim the deficit and significantly cut spending, how they will repeal Obamacare and why it needs repealing, and more.


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Quote of the Day – You Can Chain Me, Torture Me, Destroy This Body, But You’ll Never Imprison My Mind By Mahatma Gandhi

Chain or Tortue, You'll Never Imprison My Mind Gandhi Poster“You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind.” – Gandhi

This is a powerful quote because it reveals the strength of the human spirit even during the most intense times of despair. Additionally, it reveals the fact that our thoughts and our human spirit are intangibles… no one can take them away from us but by death, and no one but God knows what is truly going on inside of someone’s mind.

Isn’t that infinitely interesting to think about?

Here is a very interesting, actual video of Gandhi actually speaking on video!

Additionally, here is an audio speech given by him; regarding God and Gandhi’s concept of God.


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KJ-52 Interview Exclusive. On Working LeCrae, Kickstarter, Metal, Videogames and more!

KJ-52 Matrix is Dangerous

Interesting cover artwork for Dangerous before the final cover was selected.

Dangerous is KJ-52’s 7th full-length album, and a good one at that. I personally gave it 9 out of 10 Stars in my review.

In my exclusive interview with KJ-52 for, I discuss a range of questions and topics with the white Christian rapper, who’s been going strong for a whole decade now.

In it KJ-52 is extremely candid, and you can get a really good sense of his laid-back personality, as well as the sense that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. His comedic manner shines bright throughout and he answers a deluge of questions I put together. I tried to ask non-typical questions in order to get some interesting answers, and I’m extremely happy with the results.

Important topics of discussion include:
* How KJ-52 and LeCrae met. Whether or not they are friends.
* KJ-52’s Top 10 Favorite Videogames.
* What does KJ-52 think of metal, is he a headbanger?
* Did KJ-52 ever think he’d be working on his SEVENTH album?
* What is the story behind KJ-52’s one-off 2003 rockband “Peace of Mind”. Will they ever perform or release another album?
* What KJ-52 thinks of the Kickstarter revolution.
* What are KJ-52’s favorite and least favorite songs from Dangerous.
* What genre outside of hip-hop is KJ-52’s favorite?
* What are KJ-52’s favorite artists and bands of all time?
* Do you live in a bubble when recording a new album?
* What is “Goldinchild” up to these days?
* What are some exclusive, fun tidbits regarding KJ-52s StorySongs like “#1 Fan” or “Dangerous”?

KJ-52 fits a ton of information into a packed 16 minutes of audio. So sit back, pop some popcorn, and enjoy in WatchUsPlayGames’ first exclusive interview! :) Read the rest of this entry »


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Album Review: KJ-52 Dangerous, 7th Full Length Album

KJ-52 Dangerous Cover

KJ-52's 7th full-length album Dangerous impresses.

KJ-52 is a tough nut to crack. Dangerous marks the 7th full-length album from the man who may be the hardest working dude in the business. And that’s not a statement I make lightly.

KJ-52 has been going strong for over a decade, despite what you think of him, despite how he is mocked by “elite” rappers, the guy keeps blazing a trail and continuing to not only write and work on his own material, but to collaborate with the BEST in the business. If these other players can give KJ-52 respect, isn’t it about time the haters do the same? Like any artist, you can take it, or you can leave it…

KJ-52 Blue Eyes Pic

Blue eyes, white skin, brown hair... rapper?

Dangerous is no different. If you hated KJ-52 before, this album will do absolutely nothing to change your mind… although you’d be ignoring all of the awesome beats and dope spits from collaborating rappers who make their mark known on this album, including the almighty LeCrae. Other collaborators on Dangerous include This’l, George Moss, Canton Jones, Rhema Soul and Dre Murray. Female vocals on some songs are provided by Emily of Shine Bright Baby. All of it comes together to offer a fantastic album from beginning to end, and a diverse one. It’s an album where I like almost every track, always a positive thing.

KJ-52 is at his best when he is telling stories, or creating songs that are outright ridiculous and wholeheartedly goofy (see: “Do the Bill Cosby”). As it stands, and as it has always stood, KJ-52 cannot get by on his rap skills (or lack thereof) on its own, and my favorite songs always end up being the ones where KJ-52 is not doing the majority of rapping. While that may sound like an extremely harsh thing to say and a real knock on the artist, it is DESPITE this fact that KJ-52 is still able to craft some amazing and great songs. And that, to me, speaks volumes. You cannot deny this man’s work ethic, and all of his albums, Dangerous included, drip with the passion of a man whose sole purpose is to spread the love of Christ and speak his mind through rapped lyrics; damn the critics. And I wholeheartedly embrace his approach.

KJ-52 Dove Award

Kj-52 has been highly successful in the Christian scene, winning four Dove Awards for his rap music.

What’s further is that he has proven his ability to craft songs that tell interesting stories and pull on the heartstrings, and that is an art in its own right. If you know KJ-52’s past albums, you know this fact to be true (see songs like “#1 Fan” from the album “It’s Pronounced Five-Two”). KJ-52 also has the ability to craft catchy, singable choruses and absolutely dope music to go along with his rapping sections, which in all cases elevates the whole and manages to make up for the lack of skillfull rapping.

Let’s face it, no one else would do the kind of songs KJ-52 does, collaborating with everyone from hardcore gangsta rappers to bubbly-sweet pop singers, to mixing it up with rock artists to combining rap with comedy skits and pumping out worship hits that would fit perfectly well on a CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) setlist… Dangerous does all that and does it well. And despite what I said above about most of my favorite KJ-52 songs being the ones where others rap besides KJ-52, he still manages to hold his own in a number of tracks. Additionally, and this has been true in the past as well (and mostly true with music in general), KJ-52’s songs grow on you the more you listen to them, Dangerous being no exception. And after a while your misgrievings about his lack of rap skill are dropped and you just embrace the music in front of you. I mean who really gives a crap? Music is music, and KJ-52 creates some great music on his albums. Period.

When I first dove into Dangerous, it had been years since I had listened to a new KJ-52 record. I will dig him up from time to time and listen to his past albums, but the last new KJ-52 album I bought was “Behind the Musik”. In retrospect, I think I really enjoyed that album, and yet for some reason I see it with negative eyes and seem to want to think of it as his weakest album to that point. Maybe it’s because I lost some interest with KJ-52 after that point, because I never got around to picking up any of his proceeding albums until Dangerous dropped on April 3rd, 2012 (BEC provided me with a free review copy of the final Master).

I will make some more (some would say outlandish) comments regarding KJ-52 near the bottom, as well as go into his past and his entire discography, but before I do that I want to really spend time looking at Dangerous objectively and reviewing the album track-by-track. So here we go!

Track #1. It’s Going Down (Featuring Canton Jones)
Dangerous starts off with a bang by giving us this rough and wild club banger. This is a pretty strong opening track, and its one in which you expect KJ-52 to be joined by another rapper, but he is the one rapping throughout. This track has some bite to it and that’s always a good thing. As has always been the case with KJ-52, his rapping skills stand out much stronger on some tracks than on others, and this is one of those tracks. Although not the best on the album. Overall this track is a winner in my opinion and “It’s Going Down” is one of my favorites on the album. A HIGHLIGHT for sure.

Track #2. They Like Me (Feat. Lecrae)
NOW THIS is a collaboration worth praising. And this is arguably the track that will compel most people, especially those who either love LeCrae and the 116 Clique and have never heard of or listened to KJ-52, or those who love KJ-52 but haven’t picked up one of his albums in a while, to go out and get Dangerous. That’s because seeing these two “titans” come together is definitely a treat.

And those who may have dismissed KJ-52 in the past or saw him as a wannabe rapper who didn’t have the skills to pay the bills, will likely do a double-take and pick up this track or this album just because of the fact that the almighty LeCrae (arguably the best and most exciting Christian rapper in the business and arguably the best the Christian rap game has seen in years) has deemed KJ-52 worthy of a collaboration. IMHO this REALLY elevates both of these guys. It elevates LeCrae because it shows that he is willing to work with ANYONE who shares his passion for spreading the gospel, and that he doesn’t judge no matter what others think of that individual. And it elevates KJ-52 because it proves that his work ethic is so strong, and he has such a diverse audience, that rappers know they’ll get exposure they wouldn’t have otherwise gotten by collaborating with KJ-52. It also shows that KJ-52, despite what you think of his skills as a rapper, is respected in the Christian rap scene, and people enjoy working with the guy. Read the rest of this entry »


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