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Game Boy Color Cult Classics The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, Ages Release Tomorrow (May 30 2013) For 3DS eShop

3DS Zelda Oracle Artwork

Both games coming to 3DS on May 30th!

Zelda: Oracle of Ages & Seasons gets a digital re-release tomorrow on 3DS eShop! Don’t forget Nintendo guys! In all the hubbub surrounding the XboxOne and PS4, Nintendo is dropping bombs! (Also check out my On the Cutting Room Floor: Zelda Oracle Games)

The first major Atomic Bomb Blast in the war between console manufacturers for your almighty dollar is two beloved classic retro titles from the Game Boy Color library that have long been and are oft-requested. These cult classics, known as The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, could not be more beloved. However both of them were skipped on by a very large majority of gamers, despite the games selling a combined total of 8 million units when they hit store shelves in 2001, making them one of the best pairs of Game Boy Color games ever released and both a commercial and critical success for Nintendo & Capcom.

Even so, they remain one of the least popular and least well-known, or maybe we should say, “least named in a conversation” Zelda games in the series, parltly because they were developed by Capcom’s Flagship Studios instead of Nintendo, partly because they are portable titles and not console games, and partly because they are kinda… Weird.

Even so, they built on the success, the gameplay, the in-game graphics, the look (albeit with completely new artwork that gave Link a unique, kinda feminine and childish look), the sound and music and the footprint of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening… Which remains one of the best games of all time. Many people who have played these two titles believe that they trump Link’s Awakening… Quite a feat!

They are certainly much more complex than Zelda: Link’s Awakening, kinda like comparing the original Pokemon titles (Red and Blue) to Pokemon Gold & Silver. Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons each feature a different focus. Oracle of Seasons is more action-oriented, while Oracle of Ages is more puzzle oriented. Depending on the type of style of Zelda that you prefer (action or thought), you’ll want to begin with one game or the other.

Not only that however, but each game features it’s own unique hook. Ages has you traveling through Time, Seasons has you manipulating between the four seasons of the earth. And each game features unique characters, dungeons, quests, enemies, bosses, puzzles, Items and more! Not only that, but you can link the two titles together which is the only way to see the true boss! And if you play the Game Boy Color cartridge originals on a Game Boy Advance, you can access a special shop that will not appear in the 3DS Virtual Console re-releases.

All told, these games are definitely worth a play. If you own a 3DS, definitely purchase them (they only cost a measly $5) when they release tomorrow, May 30th 2013 in both Europe and America, at around 9am!

As for me, I own both the Game Boy Color originals but never played them! Thus I’ll be busting them out for a new Let’s Play as well as doing unboxing and instruction book videos for both games! Huzzah! :D


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