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Question of the Day – What Is Your Favorite Season?

4 Seasons Artwork by VXSIDE

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

What is your favorite season? Is it Summer? Fall (Autumn)? Winter? Spring? Vote below!

Sadly, I live in Phoenix, Arizona, where it is hot all year around (well, for the most part) and where Seasons don’t actually exist… I’ve never seen snow, as we don’t get any here (and I’ve only been out of state three times) and our leaves don’t change colors to indicate new seasons. I’ve been told that I have no idea what a “season” and the “changing of the seasons”, “colors of the season” really means. :P

Thanks to Google Image and author Allison M. Dickson’s Official Website for the awesome Seasonal wallpaper.

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Poll Question of the Day – Should Spanking Be Re-Introduced Into Public Schools As Punishment?

Sexy Spanking of Schoolgirl

A sexy schoolgirl being spanked. Not a serious photo for a serious issue.

Should spanking kids be reintroduced back in to public schools as a form of punishment?

I think the lack of discipline is the major reason that public schools are so messed up in this day and age. Along, of course, with taking God out of public schools; thus not teaching kids the Ten Commandments, right from wrong, or to pray for others and treat others like they want to be treated.

So the Question of the Day for September 24, 2012 is, should schools bring spanking back?

My answer is yes. This is how schools were always run when my dad grew up, and back in those days kids were scared of breaking the rules and being physically punished. These days, the kids KNOW that there is NOTHING the school can do to hurt them. And kids that break the rules or bully other kids are overjoyed if they get suspended, it means they no longer have to go back to school! They see it as a vacation! If our parents survived just fine, why is it a no-no today? Doesn’t make any sense….

Spanking Kids, Abuse or Not? From The Rickie Lake Talkshow Part 1

I never knew that several U.S. states STILL ALLOW SPANKING in public schools. 31 states have abolished it, while 19 of them still spank kids. The Supreme Court ruled that spanking in schools is LEGAL, as long as the local laws allow it. Which is very interesting. Read this Fox News Story for more on a new case where a preteen girl was spanked by a male principle, which has caused an uproar. However they can only spank with parental permission, although the mother didn’t think the spanking would leave marks, or that it would be done by a male…


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What Videogame System Won the 7th Generation System Wars? Poll Question of the Day September 10 2012

7th Gen Console Wars Xbox 360 vs PS3 vs Wii

Who won the fight in your opinion?

What videogame system, console or portable, won the 7th Generation System Wars in your opinion?

That is the Question of the Day for September 10th, 2012.

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Poll Question of the Day: What Is Your Favorite Final Fantasy Game (Core Titles Only)

All Final Fantasy Logos Wallpaper (Core Main Games Plus Versus XIII)

The many logos of the great Final Fantasy series, arguably the most epic series ever.

What is your favorite Final Fantasy game in the popular RPG series? Core titles only, although I’ll include sequels.

Your answer can include any version of the game released, from the NES originals to the Game Boy Advance update to the Virtual Console re-releases to the PSP perfected versions to the polygonal 3D DS titles.

That is the poll Question of the Day for September 8th, 2012.

Here is a History of Final Fantasy video!


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Poll Question of the Day – Was the RNC2012 Republican National Convention A Success?

Romney Balloons RNC2012 Republican National Convention Balloon Drop

Romney is almost completely concealed in balloons along with his family at the RNC2012.

Was the RNC2012 (Republican National Convention) a success in your mind? Do you think the party succeeded in raising enough buzz with the public and/or giving undecided voters what they wanted to hear?

That is the Poll Question for September 1st 2012.


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Poll Question of the Day – Resident Evil vs Silent Hill? Which Series Is Better And Which Do You Like More? (August 20 2012)

Silent Hill vs Resident Evil. Which do you like? Is your favorite RE or SH!

Which survival horror game is king? Resident Evil or Silent Hill?

Silent Hill vs Resident Evil? Which survival horror videogame series is your favorite? Do you prefer psychological horror or horror action?

That is the poll of the day for August 20th, 2012.

Video of Resident Evil vs Silent Hill, concept versus concept!

And here is gameplay video of Silent Hill vs Resident Evil!


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Was Paul Ryan As Romney’s Vice President A Great Choice Or Not? – Poll Question of the Day (August 17 2012)

Paul Ryan Interview With Mitt Romney. Vice President 2012 Together

Paul Ryan is Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential pick. What do you think of this choice?

Was Paul Ryan for Mitt Romney’s Vice President a great pick in your opinion or not?

Now that we have had quite a while to absorb the Paul Ryan choice, what are your thoughts on him as our possible future Vice President?

That is the Question of the Day for August 17th 2012!

Here is Paul Ryan’s Vice President Acceptance Speech full video on the day that Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan as his VP choice to face-off against Barack Obama and Joe Biden in the 2012 November election that will decide the future course of United States of America.

Be sure to watch the ENTIRE acceptance speech before you vote in the poll!


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