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Wii U Achievements System Called Super Play In New Super Mario Bros. U For Wii U Via MiiVerse (Screenshots and Video). Online Social Networking Features Detailed

Wii U Achievements in New Super Mario Bros. U Screenshot

Die here in New Super Mario Bros. U and message pop-up from other MiiVerse players.

Achievements in New Super Mario Bros. U and Wii U will come by way of MiiVerse revealed Nintendo at E3 2012 during their Developer Discussion.

How the Achievements work will be specific to that individual game, at least in the case of New Super Mario Bros. U for Wii U. However Nintendo has confirmed that MiiVerse features are innate to the Wii U itself, and thus every game will feature MiiVerse features. That means its very plausible that this Achievement system I will detail here will be THE Achievement system built into all Wii U games.

The Wii U Achievement system works like this. While playing New Super Mario Bros. U, you can gain Achievements by completing certain conditions as you make your way through a level. Conditions explained include collecting all the Star Coins hidden on a level in one go, completing the level without being hit by a single enemy. If you manage one of these conditions, called a “Super Play” by the developers (tentative term I imagine), then you will be prompted to leave a message regarding your awesome performance, that will then be shared with other players online via the MiiVerse, as well as with your own friends who own the game. Nintendo was adamant that there are “A LOT” of different conditions, or Achievements, that players can strive for.

You can hear Nintendo discuss this in the E3 2012 Wii U Developer Discussion Video. Skip to around 6:30.

Messages from other players on the MiiVerse will then be spread throughout the actual game as you are playing, and revealed when you meet or fail to meet these Achievements; alerting you to the fact that these Achievements exist, or dropping hints as to what it may take to fulfill a Super Play.

It is easy to imagine this same Achievements system being applied to other games, in the same manner that it is applied to New Super Mario Bros. U. Will this be the bonafide Achievements system for the Wii U? Seems to me like it will be, but we’ll have to wait and see what else Nintendo reveals regarding an Achievements system for Wii U, and whether or not these games will have Badges or Emblems or Points or Trophies associated with earning these Super Play or Achievement conditions and how they are shared with your online friends and the world at large via MiiVerse.

You can get an idea of how this works in the screenshots above and below.

Wii U MiiVerse Achievements Super Play System In New Super Mario Bros. U

Fail to earn a Super Play in New Super Mario Bros. U and you’ll see comments from other players.


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Batman: Arkham City Wii U Armored Edition Announced (E3 2012). Uses Wii U GamePad Tablet Touchscreen Controller To Add New Features. Trailers, Videos and Stage Demo

Batman: Arkham City Wii U Joker and Harley Quinn Screenshot

The Joker and Harley Quinn land on Wii U with Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition.

Batman: Arkham City – Armored Edition for Wii U was one of the biggest games Nintendo was touting for the next-generation console at the E3 2012 Nintendo Press Conference.

The game takes the best game of 2011 and expands on it by making extensive use of the Wii U GamePad’s tablet controller and its touchscreen, allowing the player increased functionality, new moves, and streamlined accessibility to Batman’s weapons and gadgets, all at the touch of a button. This also frees the main screen from clutter and menus, as all menus now take place on the Wii U GamePad controller, meaning you do not need to ever pause the game! This is the same type of streamlining that developers are bringing to other games like ZombieU and Rayman Legends.

Here is the E3 2012 announcement trailer and video for Batman: Arkahm City Armored Edition.

Developed by WB Games Montreal, Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition is the enhanced version of the award-winning blockbuster videogame created by Rocksteady Studios. The Wii U version delivers the same impactful story and gameplay as the original title, this time with enhanced gameplay mechanics and features made possible with the Wii U and the new controller.

Batman: Arkham City is based on DC Comics’ core Batman license and is set in Arkham City, the new maximum security “home” for all of Gotham City’s thugs, gangsters and insane criminal masterminds. Featuring an incredible Rogues Gallery of Gotham City’s most dangerous criminals including Catwoman, The Joker, The Riddler, Two-Face, Harley Quinn, The Penguin, Mr. Freeze and many others, the game allows players to genuinely experience what it feels like to be The Dark Knight delivering justice on the streets of Gotham City.

Here is the E3 2012 Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition Official Trailer.

Key Features of Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition For Wii U Include:

Battle Armored Tech Mode (B.A.T. Mode)

A new upgraded battle suit for both Batman and Catwoman gives players an additional power-up by allowing them to build up kinetic energy during combat. When activated, Batman enters B.A.T. mode, whereby he doles out more damage and has a heightened sense of enemy locations.

Wii U New Controller Functionality
The new controller’s touch screen allows players to truly be The World’s Greatest Detective with the newly designed, wrist-mounted Batcomputer. Players can select their gadget, track evidence, upgrade their gear, set and detonate bombs, and more, all without ever leaving the game.

Reimagined Gadgets
All gadgets have been reimagined to utilize the power of the new controller. For example, players can now use the new Sonar mode that enables Batman to quickly probe his surroundings to develop the tactics needed for success. Players can then select, customize and equip their preferred gadget loadout, as well as access a real-time map of Gotham without ever leaving the action of the game. The new controller also allows for an unprecedented level of accuracy when using the Batarang and scanning for clues.

Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition Content
Included on disc are all previously released downloadable content: Harley Quinn’s Revenge Pack, Catwoman Pack, Nightwing Bundle Pack, Robin Bundle Pack, Challenge Map Pack and Arkham City Skins Pack.

Here is an interview with the developer about Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition.


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Lego City: UnderCover Screenshots Wii U Lego City Strories/Grand Theft Lego In Action! Flying Helicopter, Artworks of Chase McCain Character Disguises: Cop, Fireman, Robber, Miner, Kung Fu Combat, Police Car Hijacking, Tightrope Walking, Jack Hammering

Lego City: Undercover Screenshot Helicopter Gameplay! (Wii U)

Fly a freakin’ helicopter through Lego City! AWESOME!

Lego City: UnderCover Screenshots of the Wii U Lego City Stories Grand Theft Lego open-world sandbox game excluively for Wii U from Traveller’s Tales, the beloved Lego videogame company!

This game looks absolutely amazing, and surprised many people at E3 2012 by how awesome and fun the game looks. Exploration in Lego City: Undercover has been taken up a notch as players have access to all manner of acrobatic moves with which to explore the environment. From swinging from poles to Wall Jumps to a Grappling Hook that allows them to swing across gaps.

All in all, this game looks amazing! As you will see in the following awesome screenshots!

Lego City Stories Chase McCain Screenshot (Wii U)

Chase McCain here, the cop, is the main character of Lego City Stories. Er. Lego City: UnderCover

Lego City Exploration Screenshot (Wii U)

Exploring Lego City in Lego City Stories for Wii U. Love the Lego Block look!

Car Driving Screenshot Lego City: UnderCover (Wii U E3 2012)

Jack cars and drive them around Lego City. Over 100 cars and vehicles in total!

Lego City: UnderCover Screenshot (Wii U). Explore an open-world, sandbox Lego Game!

An open-world, sandbox Lego City expanses before your eyes! Explore it!

Read the rest of this entry »


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Lego City: UnderCover Announced for Wii U (Nintendo E3 2012 Conference). New Name for Lego City Stories. Awesome Open-World Traveller’s Tales Lego Game (Grand Theft Lego). New Trailers, Gameplay Videos and Stage Demo

Grand Theft Lego in Lego City Undercover Gameplay Screenshot

It’s like a Grand Theft Lego game in Lego City: UnderCover exclusively For Wii U!

Lego City Stories for Wii U is now Lego City: UnderCover! This is an absolutely awesome looking open-world GTA-style Lego game made by Traveller’s Tales! The same team behind the other Lego games you know and love like Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman, Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Harry Potter and the upcoming Lego Lord of the Rings!

Lego City: UnderCover takes the Lego videogame series in a completely open-world, sandbox direction for the first time ever! Explore a gigantic, living, breathing Lego-ized city (called… “Lego City”) made up of the popular real-world Lego toy sets fans know and love! Additionally, our hero (named Detective Chase McCain) has a full range of acrobatic moves he can perform, from running along walls to swinging on poles, performing Wall Jumps and swinging from a grappling hook! He can even perform wrestling-style moves in hand-to-hand combat! He also can hijack vehicles and drive them around the city, including flying vehicles like helicopters and airplanes! :O

No word on whether or not the game supports Co-Op play of any kind, or how the MiiVerse will be integrated into the game. Although the official website lists the game as for 1 or 2 players, so it is very likely to have local cooperative play just like the rest of the Lego videogames. We’ll have to wait and see to find out if it supports online play however.

Lego City: Undercover is a Wii U-exclusive however, and because of that Nintendo elements will be integrated into the game in some form… for example at the end of the trailer we see Chase McCain enter a green warp pipe from Super Mario Bros.! :D

Here is the Lego City: UnderCover Wii U E3 2012 Debut Gameplay Trailer.

The trailer shows off a number of cool gadgets and items that McCain uses to unearth Lego pieces including a Jackhammer, a Crowbar tool that he uses to pry a door open, and he even punches the crap out of a ATM machine! By switching to different disguises, McCain will gain all-new abilities. Lego City: UnderCover is the first fully-voiced Lego videogame with unique voice work for each of the game’s characters! This will help tell the story in the cinematic cutscenes.

Additionally, players can use the Wii U GamePad tablet controller and it’s touchscreen to scan for hidden criminals, and make use of other gadgets (just like in Batman: Arkham City Wii U and ZombieU). All in all, this game looks mighty impressive and might fun! Lego City: UnderCover will most likely be a Wii U launch game when the system hits store shelves this Fall 2012.

The Chase is On!
For the first time, the fan-favorite LEGO City vehicles and play sets come to life in LEGO City: Undercover, exclusively for the new Wii U console. Players assume the identity of Chase McCain, an undercover detective armed with clever disguises. The mission is to put a stop to the fiendish Rex Fury and end his crime wave in LEGO City. As players run, drive and even fly through the city, they’ll use the Wii U GamePad controller as a new police gadget.

Here is a Lego City: UnderCover stage demo showing ten minutes of new gameplay footage!

Key Features of Leco City: UnderCover include:

* The Wii U GamePad is woven seamlessly into the game-play experience. Players use it to scan for hidden clues and criminals, receive mission updates and place waypoints on an overhead city map that displays their position in real time.
* Experience LEGO City like never before. Players will encounter familiar play sets come to life as they explore the vast city, looking for clues to bring Rex Fury to justice.
* Players can go undercover with a variety of disguises, including a firefighter, a construction worker and even a robber, and use their unique abilities to solve puzzles and access new areas of the city.
* There are more than 100 vehicles for players to collect and use to explore the city, including sports cars, motorcycles and even aircraft.
* LEGO video games are known for their humor and parody, and LEGO City: Undercover delivers this and more with fully voiced characters and ambient crowds, bringing LEGO City to life.

Here’s some GameSpot guys discussing Lego City: Undercover from the E3 2012 Show Floor.


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E3 2012 EA Electronic Arts Entire Press Conference Video Beginning To End (Pre-E3)

Medal of Honor: Warfighter E3 2012 Stage Demo At EA Press Conference

Medal of Honor: Warfighter impressed many and made a big splash at EA’s E3 2012 Conference.

The full, entire E3 2012 EA Press Conference video is here for your viewing pleasure! If you missed anything from Electronic Arts at E3 2012, check out the video and you’ll be all caught up on the biggest new titles for the upcoming year and beyond, from FPS to Sports.

New announcements and highlights include: Crysis 3, Dead Space 3 (co-op!), Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Need for Speed: Most Wanted (by Criterion, the makers of Burnout), SimCity and SimCity for Facebook (called SimCity Social), Madden NFL 13, a ton of new Battlefield 3 Expansion DLC, new Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO stuff, Madden NFL Social (a free-to-play Facebook game), a big focus on FIFA 13, and the ability for fans to connect their profiles and stats and share them between annual releases and all of EA’s sports games, EA Sports’ UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) announced (by UFC President Dana White) and more.

Full EA E3 2012 Press Conference Video

How would you rate EA’s E3 2012 Press Conference?

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Beyond: Two Souls Announced (PS3) At Sony E3 2012 Press Conference. New Game From Heavy Rain Developer Quantic Dream. Jaws Are Dropped. Minds Are Blown. Trailers, Gameplay Videos and Stage Demo

Beyond: Two Souls Death Screenshot

You can immediately see the amazing graphical fidelity on display in Beyond: Two Souls.

Beyond: Two Souls is the extremely intriguing all-new title from Quantic Dream, the developers who brought us Heavy Rain, and was announced at Sony’s Pre-E3 2012 Press Conference.

Here is the Beyond: Two Souls E3 2012 debut trailer video from E3 2012.

Like Heavy Rain, “Beyond” is a PS3-exclusive heavily narrative-focused Adventure game (or so it seems) with absolutely spellbinding graphics that take realism to new heights. The game stars Ellen Page as main character Jody Holmes, a girl who is seemingly possessed by an “entity” of some sort… an entity that comes from “the world beyond…”. The trailer definitely gives you the sense that this game is a horror or thriller title, although it wasn’t strictly stated whether it is or not.

Here’s the full, official Beyond: Two Souls E3 2012 Trailer.

Like Heavy Rain, Beyond has a dark, gritty graphical style that focuses on mature themes. In this case, the theme revolves around life-after-death, and what happens when a person dies. The afterlife and the Supernatural will be explored, as players assume the role of Jody and live through the first 15 years of her life… Playing as her from early childhood all the way through to her early teen years. The player will thus grow attached to this character, and grow with her, piecing together what has made her into the woman she becomes. Hints have been dropped that there are more playable characters, and that you will play as the aforementioned “entity” at some point in the game according to producer David Cage.

Here is an indepth live demo of Beyond: Two Souls with IGN!

Beyond will also be more action-focused than Heavy Rain was, pushing that side more than the slower-paced adventure-side, although it will use the same kind of heavy narrative structure, with lots of movie-scene and cutscenes (many playable, surely) that make up the brunt of the game in typical Quantic Dream style. The game also makes use of the PlayStation Move motion controller.

Beyond: Two Souls is scheduled for release in early 2013.

Here is 23 minutes of Beyond: Two Souls Gameplay Footage! We even get to see the combat mechanic in action!


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E3 2012 Sony Full Entire Press Conference Video Beginning to End (Pre-E3)

Ellie Backstabbing in The Last of Us E3 2012 Sony Conference Screenshot

The Last of Us from Naughty Dog impressed everyone and dropped jaws at the Sony E3 2012 Conference.

The full, entire E3 2012 Sony Press Conference video is here for your viewing pleasure! If you missed anything, check it out and you’ll be all caught up on Sony’s biggest new titles for both PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

New announcements and highlights include: Beyond: Two Souls (newest title from Quantic Dream, makers of Heavy Rain turned heads with phenomenal graphics and an intriguing serious story revolving around what happens when we die!), The Last of Us (newest game from Naughty Dog, makers of Uncharted), God of War 4: Ascension (first single-player gameplay footage), Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation for PS Vita (the first game in the series to star a female protagonist!), Assassin’s Creed 3, WonderBook (a peripheral that brings storybooks to life!) alongside the first announced book, J.K. Rowling’s “Book of Spells” Harry Potter exposition, Far Cry 3, PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale and the announcement of PlayStation Mobile (previously PlayStation Suite) and new and broader interconnectivity between PS Vita and PS3.

Full Sony E3 2012 Press Conference Video

How would you rate Sony’s E3 2012 Press Conference?

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