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LifeHack #1 – Use Dental Floss To Cut Soft Foods, Pastries, Cakes, Cheese, Etc.

Lifehack #1 - Dental Floss To Cut Soft Foods Cakes Pastries

A very useful way to use dental floss!

Lifehack #1 – Use dental floss, unflavored, to cut soft foods like cakes, pastries and cheese. You can cut them perfectly and easily this way! Huzzah!

Dental Floss to Cut Cheese

Cut that cheese with some Dental Floss!

Dental Floss To Cut Cakes

Cut that cake with dental floss!


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LifeBlog October 15 2012: Sushi, File Cabinet Organizing, Bills, Room Rearranging, Suicide and Hospitals

Sushi PlatterI’ve been obsessing over sushi the last week or so. The other day I watched THREE HOURS of nothing but “how to make sushi” videos on youtube. I plan on compiling them soon into a feature here on the site so you can learn how to make sushi too!

I went to the store today and headed to the Japanese/Asian Foods section to check out the ingredients/tools-needed prices. Turns out that it wouldn’t be TOO expensive to get the core ingredients to make your own sushi.

You can buy the Seaweed it’s wrapped in (called “Nori”, which contains more calcium than raw oranges) for $2.83 for ten sheets per pack. I found Rice Vinegar, needed to take the crazy amount of steps you have to take in order to create rice the way it is used for sushi, for the low cost of $1.18 or $1.54 depending on brand. “California Rice”, a close American made rice to the Japanese-style used in Sushi, runs $1.26 for 1 lb, $5.12 for 5 lbs or $12.98 for 20 lbs. Not too bad. Jasmine Rice was “$6.48” for 5 lb bag.

A bottle of ginger slices cost $4.74, a bottle of Wasabi Sauce runs $2.68 and a bottle of “Chinese Spicy Mustard” runs $1.30 (small bottle) or $2.28 (large bottle).

The one thing they didn’t have was the actual bamboo roller… I’m sure you can find them somewhere for cheap, and probably online or on amazon for VERY cheap. All told, it’d only cost about $13 and you’d have most of the basic stuff needed to make Sushi. Then you’d only need to concentrate on what you want to fill it with. Which can also be expensive, especially if buying fish, but you’d be that much closer to Sushi making!

I can’t wait to get started!

I spent a large chunk of yesterday re-organizing my small Filing Cabinet. I labeled all of the folders, took everything out, wrote out new labels, and plan to go through all of the files in my Filing Cabinet and resort everything.

Before doing this I went through a lot of my idle mail that I’ve never looked at, and figured out the exact amount of debt I owe to various organizations. The amount is really high, very sad when you are unemployed… but I can’t wait until I have a job so I can finally start paying it all down.

Over the last week I’ve also re-arranged my room, and finally got a very nice wooden desk/dresser that has been sitting outside on our balcony (given by a family friend from church) moved into my room. I was finally able to use it and it turned out fantastic! I filled it with books and the top is now lined with magazines.

I was able to clean out my closet which was so stuffed with crap just thrown in there haphazardly that it feels really great to finally have it essentially cleaned out. Most of the books and stuff that was stuffed in there were moved into the new wooden dresser. I also swapped out a lot of stuff that was in this amazing giant cabinet that I dug out of our apartment trashcan and moved it to the new wooden shelf, freeing up new space for different stuff to be put in that cabinet.

All in all, combined with the moving and rearranging of my videogame stands and computer desk; My room now looks completely different and is set up completely different. I think it’s a very positive thing.

Last but least, I have been extremely lazy lately in finishing my Resident Evil Zero Podcast series. I definitely need to get back to that.

It’s been a very busy week and month for me. My friend tried to commit suicide, I’m glad to report that he is now doing well. Or so it seems. Keep him in your prayers. That resulted a full day’s stay at the hospital overnight, and then I got sick myself with a really weird thing that had caused me to have to go to a hospital a few months back.

I had bad “stomach” pains, although I wasn’t sure where they were exactly coming from. The pain would shoot up my butt at times, and made it hard to use the bathroom. I was diagnosed as having a urinary tract infection, the male equivalent, after having my balls ultrasounded by a hot chick. lol. It was an interesting experience…

Anyway, it came back… briefly, just this past week. However it thankfully went away after a few days… I am now taking more pains to try and drink less caffeine and coffee, try to wash less with soap in my sensitive areas, and drink more water….

Hopefully things will go well. Thanks for reading. :)

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