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Question of the Day Poll – Are Your Biological Parents Still Married?

Walking Train Tracks Couple Holding Hands in Love

Such a lovely and beautiful picture. Are your parents married?

The Poll Question for June 16, 2012 is this: Are Your Biological Parents Still Married?

There are a lot of kids who come from out-of-wedlock parental relationships and situations, so I thought it would be interesting to see how many viewers have parents that still are married.


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Unlocked Treasures of the Heart, My Dad’s Kickstarter Project, HAS LAUNCHED! NOW LIVE! Please Donate For Cool Rewards! :)

Unlocked Treasures Studio Heart in Chains Logo

….. This logo of the Treasures of the Heart bursting forth from a chained heart was composed by my dad back in the late 1980s. This is a sketch of his logo for the studio, actually drawn by my dad. Soon to be fully realized and professionally done!

Hello everyone! The day HAS COME!

My dad’s Kickstarter Project, Unlocked Treasures of the Heart, IS OFFICIALLY LIVE! Please check the project out and donate to it if you feel so inclined! Even if its only a dollar, every little bit counts! And you will earn yourself some very cool rewards for Backing this project!

This personal dream of my dad’s means a lot to us, so please spread the word about Unlocked Treasures of the Heart and help us obtain our funding goal!

Unlocked Treasures is my dad’s dream to publish a full color, extraordinary-quality paperback AND hardcover book full of at least 30 of my dad’s favorite songs, ballads, poems, StorySongs, drawings, art pieces and writings that he has composed since his teenage years. There are over 100 songs in total, and thus we plan to publish at least three volumes of books. This project will literally help us KICKSTART my dad’s dream of forming a REAL studio and getting his writings and other creative projects turned into reality. With the funds from this project, we will be able to hook up with a publisher and actually have my dad’s songs REALIZED and officially copyrighted and published in physical & digital book-form. It has always been my dad’s life dream to have this accomplished before he turned 60… Well 60 is close. REAL CLOSE.

Below are some samples of my dad’s writings that you can read on his Kickstarter, these are StorySongs and ballads that will be included in the actual book. I will continue to do my part to spread the word, update the Kickstarter page every day, and will be posting even more samples here on for you guys to check out and for others to enjoy. In the hopes that you will see the immense value that these striking creative works emit and will join with us to help us reach our funding goal, whilst turning my dad’s kitchen table into an actual studio that publishes my dad’s life works!

These creative pieces are sure to warm the heart of many, so I hope you will hop on board and tell your friends and family what we are trying to accomplish. If you are an artist or creative person yourself, you’ll understand the passion my dad has for his writings, and I hope you’ll see the value in getting them published. I am sure you will after you give the samples a read. ENJOY! :) P.S.: Almost all of these StorySongs are inspired by REAL people or events through my dad’s life. :)


Hey Mr. Winston Where Is My Shoe?! Copyright SER May 2012 WatchUsPlayGames

… He looks tiny and innocent but DO NOT BE DECEIVED. Similar to the devil, he comes as an angel of light!

— MR. WINSTON — (Full Piece)

Hey ! Mister Winston…wha’d you do with my shoe ?

Now…Listen Winston…I know ya like ta …Chew
It seems ta satisfy your jitters…from being such a rube

So I’m asking you kindly
Hey! Mister Winston…wha’d you do with my shoe?

Running round the house…like a crazy mouse
With all that curly hair…tail wagging every where
Chewings on your mind…anything you find… will do
Tell me.. Winston…who lit your little puppy fuse…

I know Buddy and Bella…would never act like you
Oh…There gonna put ya… in the Winstonion news
Right on the front cover…with my missing shoe

No no…don’t do this…uh uh… don’t do that
Better watch out…for Lilly.. the bossy cat
Jumping-n- rolling…sliding-n- flowing…all over the room
Chubby little Winston…ya got my heart in a swoon
Dragging dirty clothes…prancing to your own tune
Using my boxer shorts …for a broom

Ya know..Mr. Winston
Not Sammy not Chelsea…not Sheba not Kelly
Heck! Not even Beau would ever…do like you do

Mr. Winston the Puppy Copyright SER May 2012 WatchUsPlayGames

… The REAL Mr. Winston, our puppy. This little rascal actually chewed my brothers all-new Vans up the other day… and my dad still can’t find his shoe. TRUE STORY

Come Read all about it…in the puppy dog News
How a chubby little cubby…chews up our shoes

Hes curly…hes fuzzy…hes happy.. hes tubby

And I think..He might be smarter… than the average dude
Cause when hes sleeping…we say lovely
Forgetting crazy puppy antics…he puts us through

Mom bathes him in the kitchen sink
Even happy little puppies… can kinda stink
All wet..acting like a fradey cat
Mom dries em with a fluffy towel
And wraps his a hoodie like hat

Big sad eyes …and a mopey face
Mr. Winston…cocks his head and contemplates
Another round…of the Winston race
Where he trots around…like a snorting bull
In the world where puppies…think they rule

Well.. the latest report… on the Winstonion News
Says…worn out man…can’t find his shoe

Now Winston..I know ya like ta…Chew
It seems ta satisfy your jitters…from being such a rube
And since all them other dogs…once were puppies… just like you
I’m gonna ask ya kindly…and use the Golden Rule
Mister Winston !
Wha’d you do with my shoe !???

Copyright May 2012
UnLocked Treasures Studio
S.E. R.
All Rights Reserved

…. Gnarly, twisted Tamarisk Trees, always mixed in with Cottonwoods, used to line the canals and ditches of Phoenix, Arizona during the 60’s when my dad grew up. They inspired my dad to write this song. :)


Through the mist…of yester years
Flash traces of faded Heroes… golden laurels
Reflected in Times… windswept mirror
Echoing Concertos…of Triumphs and sorrows

The wind blows… symphonic rhapsodies
It’s enchanting breezes sing along
Through old Cottonwood and Tamarisk Trees
Serenaded by voices…of fore-fathers gone
Long..long before…this troubadour’s song

On majestic mountain…carved in stone
Faces staring…from our past
Heroic patriots… stand alone
Where ancient warriors shadows cast
And the winds of time…caressed their songs
Where now… tourists stand and gaze in awe

The same wind… that’s blown across the earth
Carried voices… from Parthenon and Acropolis
Cooled the brows of builders… of pyramids
And lifted cries of slaves…whose lives were lived
For kings and pharaohs… dreams and whims
That have long dust

Armies endless wars
Countless killed settle scores
Empires rise and empires fall
To trumpet clarion call

Voices of humanity
Voices throughout history
Courageous moral..or evil disdain
Mankind’s fruitless oral refrains
Swept up.. and carried away like leaves
Through the annals..of jaded centuries
Faded vapors.. on ageless breeze

Leaving monuments..made by man
Ancient Masterpieces..colossuems
Marble statues..great stacked blocks of stone
Silently standing..hollow..alone
Empires that their own display
All are gone..swept away
By the winds of time
Massive granite… crumbling clay

Oh wind that blew on Adam’s cheek
And tousled the locks of fair Eve’s hair
You heard the first words..that man did speak
And when he walked with were there
Gently blowing… on God and man
The fragrance of creation
Oceans and land

Blowing down.. through the ages
Gusting through.. mankind’s deeds
Lifting voices..turning pages
Answering only to God
Creator of humanity

Man..The great taker..the user
The great builder..the abuser
Patting himself on his own back
Folding his arms ..puffing his chest
Arrogant..he knows not.. what he lacks
Full of pride..full of self
Saying..behold..I am better than the rest

The old story..does not change
But it doesn’t have to be the same

Oh wind ..that blew on Adam’s cheek
Caressing words..that men speak
Fluttering through.. every generation
On their journey.. to their destination

Ashes to ashes..dust to dust
Everything passes..everything must
But Gods’ Love.. is for Eternity
His Savior set humans free
Let His Love.. blow in your heart
Come into the Light.. out of the dark

Through the mist..of yester years
Flash traces of Gods golden Chorales
Reflecting Love.. in Time’s windswept mirror
Ah..but Eternal folly..history’s bell tolls clear
Ringing gilded Concertos…of triumphs and sorrows

The wind blows.. melodic symphonies
Its enchanting breezes sing along
Through old Cottonwood and Tamarisk Trees
Serenaded by voices.. of fore-fathers gone
Long…long before..this troubadour’s song

Copyright Apr. 2012
UnLocked Treasures Studio
S. E. R.
All Rights Reserved

Lilacs & Roses

…. Beautiful Lilac and Rose flowers… my mom is the one in the song going out to trim the roses… with our beloved dog Sammy. *tear*

— LILAC’S & ROSES — (Partial)

While clipping flowers
In the garden.
Out in her yard.
Her little dog..lounges in the sunlight
As she winds up a music box
And sets it on
Fresh cut..Lilacs and Roses

The music box begins to play
And the fragrance..of
Lilacs and Roses
Carries her away

Lilacs and Roses
Some Lavender too!
Jasmine and sweet Alyssum
And Violets blue

The fragrance from the garden
Takes her heart..To You

On a bed of Lilacs..and pedals from the Rose
The Lord laid Adam
In the garden of Old
From His side..a rib was taken
And Eve was formed
From the man..came woman
In the midst of that garden
God’s love was born

The scent of..Lilacs and Roses
Was on the Father’s breath
When He sent the world a Savior
And His Word..Became Flesh

Lilacs and Roses
Your fragrance from above
First breathed by the Father
Mankind’s creator
The author of Love

Growing around.. old..Rugged Olive Trees
In an ancient garden grove..called Gethsemane
Were..Lilacs and Roses
Offering their scent

As great..Sweat drops of blood
Dripped From Your brow..that day
The sweet aroma of Your surrender
Made it’s way to the Father
While Mankind ..Just..didn’t understand
The cost… You were willing to pay

Oh what a present
Our Savior..His Son
A gift from the Father to everyone

A Sacrifice so deep
A Love so complete
Blessed Aroma and flavor
Of His Anointing we savor
Like..Lilacs and Roses
His Love is fresh and new
Each day

Copyright 2002
All rights reserved
Unlocked Treasures Studio

Two Nickels Tin Altoid Box Shaped Like A Heart

A tin altoid box shaped like a heart…. What’s inside? Two Nickels.

— TWO NICKELS — (Partial)

Two nickles…in a tin altoid box…. Shaped like… a heart
Big dream’s…of writing a Song…an maybe… someday…becoming a Star

I could hear the T. V., out in the living room
Bill O-Reilly was talking…from his no- spin zone
Gran-pa an Gran-ma…living in…the back-wing
Were watching soap opera’s -N- college football….and just about..any old thing

Well… I was playing oldies… for background music…from some Inter-net page
Uhh !… my pant’s felt kinda tight… guess I’m a showing….some Age
I’m typing with one finger…… so the going…is kinda… slow
I think My Chevy Van need’s a fuel pump…. can’t seem… ta get it… to go
And we’d just planted the front yard… with winter grass… that I… get to mow !

Gran-pa drive’s around….in a motorized…chair
He’s drive-un… the neighbor’s crazy… their pulling out their hair
The stray cat’s… homesteading…out in the driveway
Were making… big..big… Sad eye’s
The kitchen faucet…kept a dripping…messing .. with the beat
Of the song…I was a trying…to write

A little later… someone tapped me on the shoulder…and kinda broke …my… con..cen…tration
I turned down the oldies …. mini-mized the page…..and looked into the face.. of… deter..min…ation
The wife looked me in the eye… an asked
Honey…have ya … got any Cash ?……. and that’s when I spoke… these kinda … Sorta… Immortal-like word’s

I said
I’ve got… two nickles…in a tin Altoid box…Shaped like … a heart
Big Dream’s …. of writing a Song…. an maybe….someday… becoming a Star

Two Nickels In A Tin Altoid Box Shaped Like A Heart Copyright SER 2012 WatchUsPlayGames

The actual, literal, REAL two nickels in a tin Altoid box shaped like a heart that inspired this song!

Copyright Sept. 2007
Unlocked Treasures Studio
All Rights Reserved

Angels vs Demons in the Ocean Copyright Ehong He

My brother’s Mike and Zach and their Christian metal band Brave the Valley inspired my dad to write this awesome song.

— CRASHING GATES — (Partial)

O.. Come harken
And tremble in awe
As Heaven’s mighty Arch Angels…faint and fall
As He Rises up… from Glorious Throne
Transfigured flesh and bone
Galaxy’s swirl…in His Eyes of fire
Holding the fullness…of His Father’s desire

From His mouth
Cosmic Lightning.. flashes
Galactic Thunder claps Roar
As His Voice …trods God’s wine press
Heaven’s… fierce burning Sword
Dividing asunder…Spirit and Soul
Splitting Time and history
Shaking…Revelations…bells.. to toll

Then He gazes… At the future
Held high…in His right hand
Sealed.. in His Word.. from millennias past
Waiting…waiting…His commands

O..Triumphant Holder… of mortalities Keys
Salvation’s…bloody.. battle scarred King
O.. Human…resurrected..incarnate..Glorious being
Word made flesh
Loose your Sword…let it Sing

Copyright Jan. 2009….Revised Feb. 2012
UnLocked Treasures Studio
All Rights Reserved

Breakfast For Two by Blog

My mom is the blonde talked about in this song. My dad really did write this after looking in the mirror, shaving, one day.

— BREAKFAST FOR TWO — (Full Piece)

Monumental fixtures…in our minds
Snap shots and moments
From days .. gone by
Staying clear-N-fresh
Through the seasons…of our time

While etched ..on our faces
Aging lines…leaving traces
Of our past
We thought our…summer days
Somehow …would last-N-last

But only God knows why
So… fast

He wakes up in the morning
To a house…..where the kids no longer play
He heads for the bathroom
To grab a shower…an a shave

He looks into the mirror
While rubbing…shaving cream…on his face
The reflection looking back at him
Looks some how…oddly ……outta place
His handsome dark moustache……and cool goatee
Have turned to..salt -N – pepper Gray

Out in the kitchen…she’s busy Fixin
Some breakfast….and fresh Cof..fee
He smells..biscuits an bacon
As the rising Steam from the faucet…makes it hard to see

He grips his shaving razor…like a…carpenters hammer
Catches his breath…and starts to stammer
Then just…Stands there.. like a Statue
With a strange look …on His face
Yeah…he’s caught Away…. to that other Place

Where old Memories hang like Picture’s
Monumental fixtures
Down the hallway’s…of His mind

Ohhhh..So fresh -N- clear…He see’s

Long shiny blonde hair….hanging down to her hips
Shapely tanned leg’s….and ruby red lip’s
Lovely green -blue eye’s – N – a smile so sweet
She’s looking fine….from her head to her feet
In her little bikini….out in the sun
Get-en a tan……and a having some fun
An when she strike’s that pose….he’s blown away
By her youth full….natural beauty

Ahhh..seems like…only yesterday

She was the kinda girl….he’d been dreaming of..all his life
And he knows….. it must have been..the Lord’s a doing
Cause that young woman….became his wife

A familiar voice…..brings him back..from his Memory
She’s saying…honey ! the Coffee’s..rea….dy
An breakfast….will a few
So he finishes up…in the bathroom
Puts on a pair…of his favorite…worn down shoes

Then He makes his way…to the kitchen
Where…an older…blonde
Is a fixin

Breakfast….for two

Ahhh…Shaving cream -N- Memories
Reflections….from another time
Kid’s grow up and seasons change
But old Memories..they stay the same
Hanging like Picture’s….Monumental fixtures
Down the hallway’s…of our…mind’s

Out in the kitchen
His lovely wife….. is fixin

Breakfast…for …two

(softly fading voices)
Ummm….coffees good babe
Thank you …….honey
Your welcome… sweetie

Ahh… thank God….for old memories
But a man couldn’t ask…for better company
Than my older blonde…ta share with me


Copyright Oct. 2008
UnLocked Treasures Studio
All Rights Reserved

Redheaded Girls 1970s From Back

…. The girl with the wild red hair really is my dad’s buddy Chad’s sis! She had striking red hair with a tinge of orange!

— LOVELY LEAH — (Full Piece)

It was back in the seventy’s…
I know it Sound’s like…so long ago
But it’s still.. clear an vivid .. in my mind
And I can go back there…any ol time…
I wanna Dream

She came for a visit… from Lancaster Pensyl…vania
To Her brother Chad’s…an my apartment…in Phoenix Ariz…ona
For just a week…or So…

Hadn’t seen er.. since… she needed…a baby sitter
I didn’t really know… my buddy Chad’s…little sister

Oh little Leah…. from down the street
Little Leah ….So young an sweet
Ya did’nt know… that you were cool
Thought that life …. had treated ya cruel

Ahhh…Lovely Leah …with the wild Red hair
with a tinge of orange…..flow…ing… everywhere
Soft Ivory skin ……… shining in the sun
With your full red lip’s…. and those curvy hip’s

You were wearing… Low cut…….
Navy… bell bottomed jean’s… an a tight tube top
Ahhh…….I never would of thought
You could touch me that way….. in just a week or so
Back in those summer day’s ……….. so long…ago

Oh little Leah….from down the street
Little leah… young an sweet

I gave up my room………. moved to the couch
And as I lay in the dark…..trying ta figure her out
She come walking by…… in her…. little night gown
But when She stood …in that open….. frigerator door
The light revealed………………so much more !!

Yah…Lovely Leah…. you Growed up Girl
Oh… Lovely Leah…. gave.. my heart a whirl
We spent some time …in each others arms
You soothed my heart ….with your womanly charms

It was back in the Seventy’s
I know it.. sounds like………… So long ago
But its still.. clear an vivid.. in my mind
And I can go back there…………… any ol time
I wanna find ……..

Little Leah…..from down the street
Little Leah…… so young an sweet
Ya didn’t know……that you were cool
I Let ya….. walk away ………. Ain’t I the fool !!

Lovely Leah…I hope ya don’t mind
That I’ve kept you Alive
In the memories …….. of my time

Ahh… little Leah….from down the street
Little Leah…. so young an sweet
Lovely Leah….with the wild Red hair
With a tinge of orange…flow…ing…everywhere

Ohhh…….Lovely ….Leah

I can find ya… any ol time
In a special place……in the deep Recesses….Of my… mind

MMMmmm….. Little Leah
Ohh…ohhh ……LOVELY…..LEAH

Volkswagon 70s Van

…. This looks like the old 70s Volkswagon van that Leah really drove around in for a week or so. So long ago.

Copy right Nov. 12th 2002
UnLocked Treasures Studio
S. E. R.
All Rights Reserved


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MyMom: Recipe of the Day – Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Casserole Pic

It will look something like this, add Spanish rice for a great meal. Guacamole is ----- also an awesome topping! Too bad you don't have my mom's incredible ----Mexican hot sauce though....

Looking for an awesome meal to make tonight? CHECK THIS OUT! This is a favorite recipe of my mom’s (as she says at the bottom), and it’s definitely delicious! It’s a Mexican dish, but a mighty tasty one! Try it!

Here is what you will need:

* Chicken tenders (fresh is better) about 2 lbs. more or less depending on how much meat you like.
* About 25-30 corn tortillas.
* 1 large can of green chile enchilada sauce.
* 1 can cream of chicken soup.
* 1 tub of 16 oz. sour cream.
* 1 small can chopped green chilies.
* 1 small can diced black olives.
* 1 large onion, chopped.
* 1 large block of cheddar cheese ( I used colby-jack).
* Cooking oil.
* Hot sauce of your choice.
* Salt, pepper, and/or garlic powder to taste.

How To Make:
If desired…. sprinkle salt, pepper and garlic between layers. Preheat oven to 350 F.

Step 1: Boil Chicken tenders in salted water, garlic and pepper for about 30 min. longer if frozen, when cool, cut up in chunks or shred.
Step 2: While chicken is cooking, using small fry pan, cook onion till tender.
Step 3: Grate cheese into bowl.
Step 4: In large bowl, combine Green chile sauce, 8 0z. of the Sour Cream and Cream of Chicken soup.
Step 5: Gather large cake pan or casserole pan and assemble ingredients close to each other for layering.
Step 6: Heat frying pan with cooking oil.
Step 7: When oil is hot, dip corn tortillas, one at a time for 3 sec. aprox. on both sides, to soften them.
Step 8: Put 6 tortillas on bottom of pan.
Step 9: Add layer of chicken, onions, green chilies, black olives, and about 1/4 cup sauce from large bowl. Sprinkle with a little cheese. (You will use most of it for the top)
Step 10: Continue cooking tortillas and layering till you have aprox. 3-4 layers, finishing with tortillas.
Step 11: Pour rest of sauce over top , add rest of cheese and sprinkle with black olives.
Step 12: Cook at 350 F uncovered for 30 minutes.

Top with Sour Cream and Hot sauce, if desired. Cut into squares and enjoy!

This recipe came from a friend of mine that served it when I went for a visit. I LOVE it! Delicious! I guess it isn’t new, because I found it in a cook book later, so just saying, it isn’t mine. But it’s great and my kids love it!

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