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Question of the Day Poll – Who Will Win the NBA Playoffs 2012? (May 24 2012)

NBA Playoffs Wallpaper

Who will win the 2012 NBA Playoffs this year? Heat? Spurs? 76ers? Celtics, Thunder? Pacers?

What Team Will Win the NBA Playoffs 2012?

The Poll of the Day for May 24th, 2012, is… what American National Basketball Association Team do you think will win the NBA Playoffs this year?

Following a knock-out, dragout fight, many of the team’s that people thought would “go all the way”, have been eliminated. This includes the mighty Los Angeles Lakers and his Kobe Bryant squad (although Derek Fisher is now on the team that defeated them, the Oklahoma City Thunder!), the phenomenal Blake Griffin squad of the Los Angeles Clippers and the reigning kings of last year, the Dallas Mavericks and with powerhouses Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd. All of whom were knocked out before making it to the semi-finals round.

We are now down to six teams… Whom do YOU think will turn out on top and win it all? Also leave a comment telling me what team is your personal favorite to win.

You can choose from the following:

* The San Antonio Spurs of the State of Texas.
* The Oklahoma City Thunder of the State of Oklahoma.
* The Miami Heat of the State of Florida.
* The Boston Celtics of the State of Massachusetts.
* The Philadelphia 76ers of the State of Pennsylvania.
* The Indiana Pacers of the State of Indiana.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this seems to be one of the most diverse lineups we’ve had in a LONG time. Naturally I was cheering for the Phoenix Suns but they didn’t make the playoffs this year. *sad panda*

My choice to go all the way is definitely the Oklahoma City Thunder. However I would LOVE to see The Pacers take it all the way (especially because they have ex-Suns Leandro Barbosa and Louis “Lou” Amundson, two players whom I LOVE).

Another team who would be really great to see make it to the end are the 76ers, a team so understated that you forget they even exist! Very, very surprised to see them in the finals.

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Good Reads, Useful Links, Interesting Stories From Around the Web

Good Reads Online

Cuddle up with some good online reads in front of the virtual fireplace! :)

This is the history of “Good Reads, Useful Links, Interesting Stories From Around the Web”, hit up the Good Reads Page if you want to see my good reads for the current month.

The Page will serve as the Archives of each month’s updates with the older “Good Reads” article from previous months moved here instead of at the main page. Enjoy! :)

What I’ve Read In AUGUST 2012

Table of Contents


* How to Master the Knife In Resident Evil (WikiHow) – This guide gives you some tips on how to master the weakest weapon in the game… A very, very difficult feat!
* TwitchTV – TwitchTV is a video streaming and upload website that is like youtube but exclusively focused on videogames. It is a haven for posting your own Let’s Play videos, and also covers major events and videogame competitions and eSports broadcasts. It was started by and has grown to over 12 million viewers a month!
* ViewtifulRoxas Backloggery – Check out my friend Viewtiful Roxas’ Backloggery profile and all of the game’s (mostly RPGs) she is playing currently!


* CastlevaniaGirl
* CastlevaniaGirl’s Resident Evil 4 Let’s Play – I love to watch girls play videogames and hear their commentary, here is one from a youtuber called Castlevania Girl.
* MissCharlieCherry – Another great girl gamer youtuber from Britain.
* MissCharlieCherry Resident Evil Remake Let’s Play






* XOCAI Healthy Energy Drink – Bill O’Reilly recommends this drink, he says replace a soda with this and you’ll be much healthier. This was recommended on his new Tip of the Day Segment! Healthy chocolate drink?! Sign me up!





* Phoenician Language – Absolutely fascinating information on a little-known language!

* Arabic Language Wikipedia

* Rephaite Biblical Human Giants – Now THIS is interesting, the Biblical Giants race, known as Rephaite!

* Fox Business Network – I’m still yet to watch this, which sucks. I really would like to…

Table of Contents


* My entire Steam Collection of Videogames Via Steam – Explore all of the Steam games I own…. and marvel at how few of them I’ve played or installed! :O






* German Court Bans Male Circumcision – The cutting of the male penis foreskin has been outlawed in Germany, even if it is for religious reasons or health reasons, due to the shortterm painful injury inflicted on the infant when the male skin of the penis is cut. Hmmm.

* New Study On the Downsides of Teens, Tweens and Kids Using the Internet and Social Media – Despite the subject, the results were actually positive. As more kids prefer to talk to their friends in person than online or via text or other platforms. “According to the report, teens’ favorite way to communicate with their friends is by talking in person (49%), with texting next (33%) and social media a distant third (7%). Teens who prefer talking face-to-face say it’s because it’s more fun (38%), and they can better understand what people mean (29%). The telephone, a mainstay of teenage life just a generation ago, is virtually dead: Only 4% of teens prefer to talk on the phone.”




* How To Record Videogame Footage With Audio From Computer Using Speakers and Microphone – I found this link and used the information in it to help me set up a program to record what I was playing on my computer. This helped me in figuring out how to configure audio settings.

* Why Can’t I Record Steam Gameplay On My Computer Screen Using CamStudio – I was having programs with a free videogame recording software
called CamStudio which wouldn’t record the game I was playing using Valve’s Steam platform on my PC.

* Record Videogame Playing On PC Screen Using Free Program Bandicam – The huge drawback is that the free version only lets you record for a limit of ten minutes, which REALLY sucks and is not a long enough time to get much done in the game. However you can use a program like Windows Movie Maker to string several installments together into one video.


What I Read In JUNE 2012

Table of Contents

Last Updated: July 2, 2012 (Added the month of June 2012)


* 10 Reasons You Should Buy The Last Story For Wii – The Last Story is an outstanding looking Wii-exclusive RPG made by the guy who made Final Fantasy and the main Final Fantasy composer. Gamers finally convinced Nintendo (who teamed up with XSeed Games) to publish the game in America, as part of the Operation Rainfall phenomenon.
* No Hardware Revisions for 3DS – The 3DS will not be getting any hardware updates anytime soon, so says Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto, who says he likes the 3DS just as it is.


* Is China Building Up Its Military (Video)

* Sinkhole Swallows Bus In China (Video)

* Liberals Should Be Concerned About Losing the Election With Obama Says Geraldo Rivera (Video)

* Turkey Says Syria Shot Down Their Warplane

* Colin Powell Reflects on Endorsing President Obama Back In 2008 With Sean Hannity Interview – I love Colin Powell, people don’t come more respected.

* NBC Edits Romney Speech To Make Him Look Out of Touch – So what is new under the sun?


* Gay Activists Disrespect Former Republican Presidents With Photos Giving the Finger During Invite To White House – Despicable.



* Lyrics Video for Still Alive by Christian Metal Band Gideon


* The Social Web and Potential For Abuse Among Teens (Momster)

* The Teen, The Tweet and the Governor, A Cautionary Tale

* Is Texting Replacing Face-to-Face Conversation? – An interesting read. I find these types of stories to be quite fascinating subject matter. Although I do not think they are wholly true.

* 100 Classic Album Covers In Animated Form – Simply awesome.

* Jail Mugshots of Famous Musicians and Bands – Interesting.

* Radio Doomsday Hopes to Be Radio Station of the Apocalypse, Just Like in the Movies and Videogames… But For Real!

* Microsoft Unveils the Surface Tablet To Compete With iPad – Very interesting!

* 100 Great Photos of Military Tech In Action – Absolutely awesome photos. Plus a guy named Geno Romero like in Super Mario RPG!

* US Wins Supercomputing Crown Back With Fastest SuperComputer On Earth – Very interesting.

* Deep Sea Alien Craft Found? Swedish Scientists Study It – Holy crap!

* 1970s-launched NASA Voyager 1 Spacecraft Nears the End of Our Solar System! Will Soon Enter Uncharted Human Territory! – Sooo freakin’ insane! Blows your mind to think about… look how long it took for the spacecraft to reach that far! :O

* German Teen Solves 300-Year-Old Unsolvable Math Riddle Posed By Sir Isaac Newton! – :O *slow clap* That is pure madness!

* Porn Searches For Pics and Videos Remain Top Searches On Wikipedia – Holy CRAP I did not know you could find that many pornographic content on Wikipedia. :O



* George W Bush and Obama TOGETHER – Awesome photos of our current and past Presidents, appearing together at the official unveiling of George W. Bush’s White House Portrait.

* President Bush Visiting With Gerald Ford In 2006 at Age 93 Before His Death (Video) – Bush visited with the eldest living President in Gerald Ford, who finally died at the age of 93 in 2006. This made him the oldest living President, and this visit by President Bush, during which a photo was taken, was the final public photograph ever taken of former President Ford.

* Robert F Kennedy and Ronald Reagen Debate Video – A very interesting video showing both Robert Kennedy (Democrat) and Ronald Reagen (Republican) during a debate! I wish I was alive to have seen this! The video is from 1967!


* The Many Pivots of and Successful Business, How They Evolved to Succeed – Absolutely everyone should read this story! Very insightful!

* Guide To Safe Drinking Water – Everyone needs to read this. Especially to learn how bad Bottled Water is for us.


* President Gerald Ford

What I Read In MAY 2012

Table of Contents


Silent Hill Memories – An amazing fansite dedicated to all things Silent Hill! Including tons upon tons of free music! Read the rest of this entry »


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Jeremy Lin’s In Jesus Name I Play Bracelet

In Jesus Name I Play Jeremy Lin Bracelet

Jeremy Lin's In Jesus Name I Play Bracelet By Active Faith

Jeremy Lin’s popularity has exploded, as has his “In Jesus I Play” bracelet. So where does the bracelet come from?

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It comes from a company called “Active Faith”, created by a former player of the D-League (which is where he met Jeremy Lin) named Lanny Smith. Lanny wanted to come up with an idea that would meld his two great loves, his love for Jesus and his Christian faith, and that of his favorite sports.

Jeremy Lin Graces Cover of Sports illustrated and Time Magazine!

In Jesus Name I Play Active Faith Bracelet on Jeremy Lin in Center Spotlight (Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated Covers!)

So he came up with the idea of the bracelet/arm band that players can wear and other clothing items that show off their faith with the tagline, “In Jesus’ Name I Play”! Of course, once Jeremy Lin and other players started wearing them, sales took off like a rocket and the rest is history! Don’t you wish you could come up with such a cool idea?

Here’s an In Jesus Name I Play Jeremy Lin Bracelet interview from Fox News with Lanny Smith discussing Linsanity and the bracelets.

I gotta get me some of these myself! What a great cause!


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How To Download Full NBA Games

Jeremy Lin. The Man. The Legend.

A very cool pic of current NBA Fav, Jeremy Lin

Where can I download NBA Games you ask? It’s a common question, because let’s face it, not everyone has the time, the DVR hard-drive space, or the money to pay for access to all of the NBA games (many people I know, in these tough times, have foregone cable TV completely). It’d be much easier to just download them, correct. Correct.

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Hit the link above and you’ll find a great place to do so. Please remember to continue supporting the NBA by watching the games on TV whenever you can, or going to games when you are flush with cash enough to purchase tickets to see your home team play.

As for me, I often find downloading to be the most convenient way to watch the games, even though I have them set to record on my DVR, there are times when it is full or the game gets accidentally erased, etc. and I miss a game. In which case downloading comes in handy. You’ll need a torrent program in order to get the games, I suggest uTorrent. Simply open the program, download the torrent, and then click on the downloaded torrent file to start the download.

I do not endorse downloading NBA Games or the consequences thereof, you do so at your own discretion and risk. Now catch up on all those games you missed out on!

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