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LifeQuote – Loose Lips Sink Ships

Loose Lips Sink Ships Girl Artwork

Be careful who you share information with, especially that innocent looking sexy girl!

Quote of the Day – “Loose Lips Sink Ships” is a phrase that I had never heard before, until my dad brought it up while reminiscing about an old construction job from his past.

I had never heard anything like it, and I think it is quite an amazing quote with all kinds of different ways to interpret it. And not only that, but it ties in Biblically with how God teaches us to live our lives…

The Bible explicitly speaks out about gossipers and how gossip and the love of it is ultimately corrupting and leads to all kinds of troubles. It causes rifts between people, and all around is a bad idea. Gossip is really the essence of this quote, which comes from the US Navy. The quote was used to keep soldiers from running their mouth about what unit they were in, what ship they were on, what mission they were doing, who their commanders were, etc. Why?

Because if they weren’t careful, the enemy would pick up on these loose rumors via spies or moles, etc., and if they weren’t careful they’d find their position compromised and their ship sunk.

Thus the phrase, “Loose Lips Sink Ships”. But I think it is a wise motto for life as well. Running your mouth is not generally a positive thing to do, and the Bible talks a lot about holding ones tongue, and how idle talk is not productive. It also says the power of life and death is in the tongue…

I have another life motto that says, “Do not take unnecessary risks”. I use this motto to remind myself to take an extra step instead of cutting corners, which can cause accidents. I got the motto when I was lazily pulling out cords, without looking or even paying much attention to what I was doing… and three times in a row I got shocked. From then on, I told myself I would take the extra step to pay attention. And I use the quote to remind myself to not take unnecessary risks when they can be avoided by taking an extra step and not being lazy.

I think I’ll file “Loose Lips Sink Ships” right next to “Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks”. :)

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LifeQuote – “Hope For the Best, Prepare For the Worst”

Be Prepared, Always.

LifeQuote: Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst. In All Things.

“Hope for the Best, Prepare For the Worst” is one of those LifeQuotes that can help improve your life and be prepared for any situation. Sadly, most people do not heed this quote, and that leads to bigger problems when things go bad. These are words to live by.

It is always better to be prepared for the worst, even when you don’t expect it to happen, than to not be prepared at all. Case-in-point, the vast majority of people do not even have a first-aid kit in their car. They never prepare for when something bad may happen. Everyone’s car should be stocked with drinkable water, food, and items that would be needed if an emergency ever arised. And yet hardly anyone does this. People also don’t learn CPR and other procedures that might come during a medical emergency, stuff EVERYONE should know and be prepared for. Among other things like an exit strategy in case of a fire.

This is a quote that more people should keep in mind as they go about their business. Always PREPARE for the worst, while hoping for the best. It is foolish not to, and sometimes if something goes bad, there is no going back. Wouldn’t you rather have been prepared to face it, than make things that much worse by not being prepared at all?

I know I would, and that is why I live by this quote.

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