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Updates Coming Soon

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ll be coming back soon with a vengeance, at least that’s the plan.

I just kinda lost the drive to update over the past few days and weeks. But I don’t want that to continue so I’ll start posting more updates at greater intervals soon.

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Sick Days

I’m having real bad stomach cramps. I’ve been in bed all day and hardly eating. Please pray for a speedy recovery. :)

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Happy Father’s Day 2012 Everyone!

Happy Father's Day 2012 Cave Man Art

Don’t forget to do something for your daddy today!

I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day 2012 and got to do something special for the daddy that helped raise them and/or bring them into this crazy world we live in.

Remember that your father’s are special, and deserving of your love, admiration and care, even if you had a rough life or you feel that they didn’t live up to all your expectations, they are still your father. And you wouldn’t be here without them.

So Happy Father’s Day to all you father’s out there, young and old!

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Need Translations From Spanish To English Or Viceversa? Try!

Busy B Translations Website Banner

Busy B Translations for Spanish>English or English>Spanish translating duties.

I’d like to shed some attention over to

This is a website that allows you to get things professionally translated from either Spanish to English or from English to Spanish. As I live in the southwest of the United States myself, there’s lots of Spanish-speaking folk we need help. So this website can be a big benefit to those who’ve yet to master the English language (or Spanish language, for that matter).

Whatever it is you need, a government document, something to hand in at a school, a work-related document, etc., will be professionally translated and notarized by people fluent in both languages.

If you need that type of job done, then look into it! :)

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Today is Four Square Day 2012!

Check in April 16th to earn this Four Square Day 2012 Badge!

Wear your Four Square App pride by checking in today to get this exclusive Four Square Day 2012 Badge!

Today, Monday April 16th is “Four Square Day” 2012.

What does it mean? It means those of you that have a Four Square App and like to check-in to places you visit when you are out and about, on your cellphone, mobile device, tablet, etc., will get something extra special if you check-in today.

Check-in while the day is still young, and you’ll unlock an exclusive badge as thanks for celebrating “Four Square Day”. Cool. 8)

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Photo of the Day: Why Kids Don’t Eat Veggies

Why Kids Don't Eat Veggies


Ever wonder why kids won’t eat their vegetables and fruits? What is it about these tasty candies of nature that makes kids turn away and resort to deception tactics to get out from under the oppressive regime of their health-dictating mother?


Hahahahaha, poor kids, all these subliminal messages in their bedtime stories have kept them terrified this whole time! :D

Thanks to Randy Glasbergen for this hilarious piece!

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Go Barefoot to Raise Awareness of Shoeless Children on April 10th, 2010 In One Day Without Shoes

One Day Without Shoes Artwork

Go one day without shoes on April 10th, 2012 and take part in a campaign to raise awareness for shoeless kids, who must go the distance without footwear

There is a movement sweeping America (and being popularized online) called “One Day Without Shoes“.

This movement seeks to have every one participate in going one single day on April 10th, 2012, doing everything you normally do, except forcing yourself to go barefoot the entire day; wehther you gotta go to work, drive, walk to the store, hang out with friends, shop, exercise, go to a party, etc.

The aim is to raise awareness for millions of kids in underdeveloped and third world countries who cannot afford to buy shoes, and who do not own shoes. Many of them do all of their activities barefoot, thus opening themselves up to injury and disease. Can you imagine how much wear and tear your feet would have if you did not own any shoes or sandals? These kids don’t go barefoot because they want to, they do it because THEY HAVE TO. Not having proper footwear or clothing cannot stop them from living their life, so they must. But it is a much more dangerous life, and one fraught with complications.

Granted, many people in America also go without shoes, most famously women… who seem to never actually wear shoes despite many of them owning several pairs. Of course, they rarely go barefoot outside of the home, opting to wear thongs or flipflops instead… and obviously that makes a huge difference. Even so, I’ve seen many woman walk around the streets barefoot on occassion, usually they have drug problems, but that’s not always the case. It’s not unheard of to be heading to a Circle K, QuickTrip, gas station or other convenience store and see a woman walk back home with no shoes on. Walking through the pavement and onto the hot asphalt through the parking lot all barefoot. And of course, many kids CHOOSE to go barefoot, even riding their bikes up to the store without shoes on. Maybe that’s just where I come from, but I’m willing to bet it happens in other cities as well, not just Phoenix, Arizona. Whenever I see these women I’m always taken aback about how or why they’d possibly go barefoot, but they seem to not care about stepping on a sharp rock or piece of glass…

Go Barefoot April 10th, 2012 One Day Without Shoes

Raise awareness for kids who lack shoes and footwear by walking barefoot to your work, on the streets, while shopping, etc. Spark that conversation!

Even so, I think this is a fantastic idea. The goal, of course, is to walk around barefoot and thus cause alarm in people who see you and your bare feet. They will likely ask, “Why are you walking around without any shoes?” or “What the f*ck is wrong you yo?” :P That can then start a conversation in which you can tell them about “One Day Without Shoes” and the aim of raising money for organizations (Like TOMS Shoes, which has put this campaign together and provides shoes to poor children) that help to get physical shoes and much-needed footwear into the hands of kids in countries that need them. It’s a great cause, and if you have the courage to participate you definitely should. Just tell them to look it up online, and they’ll likely find the One Day Without Shoes website.

Personally I am someone who cannot stand having dirty feet, and thus I’m always walking around in my sandles (even at home) or at least socks. I am only barefoot if I’m on the computer or in my room… and even then it kinda bothers me. I would never dare step foot outside barefoot and I can’t understand why so many women walk around with their bare feet showing and aren’t wearing socks and shoes. But I digress.

Here is a video for One Day Without Shoes. If you learned about it through this article I wrote, please leave a comment and tell me if you plan on participating or what you think of this idea.

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