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CPAC 2013 Paul Ryan Full Speech Video

Paul Ryan American Flag Photo

Very sad that Paul Ryan didn’t replace Joe Biden as Vice President.

Paul Ryan stepped onto the CPAC 2013 stage in this speech (full video).

He is the current House Budget Committee Leader (paraphrase) and Congressman from Wisconsin and the former 2012 Republican Vice Presidential nominee to Mitt Romney that you surely all remember well.

In this speech he speaks about the fiscal issues that America is facing and his plan to reverse our current course (which includes repealing Obamacare).

I love Paul Ryan and look forward to seeing him have a bright future. I hope that he will run again for President some day.


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CPAC 2013 Rick Santorum Full Speech Video At Conservative Political Action Conference 40th Anniversary

Rick Santorum American Flag Photo

This guy would’ve made a GREAT President.

Rick Santorum gave a powerful and touching speech at CPAC 2013. You’ll remember former Senator Rick Santorum from Pennsylvania as one of the 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee’s who faced off fiercely against Mitt Romney and nearly won… earning second place to Mitt’s first (third went to Newt Gingrich) in the right to face-off against President Barack Obama.

During Rick Santorum’s speech he speaks passionately about life and the ideal’s of America, following a close death in the family just the day before his speech that greatly effected him and his loved ones. It’s an incredible speech, watch it!


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CPAC 2013 Rand Paul Full Speech Video At Conservative Political Action Conference 40th Anniversary

Rand Paul American Flag PhotoRand Paul (Ron Paul’s son) gave an incredible speech at CPAC 2013. He’s been making waves and gaining huge support from Tea Partiers, Independents, Libertarians, Conservatives and a few Democrats following his 13 hour filibuster at the Senate due to Obama’s CIA Director nominee.

If you want to know what Rand Paul is all about, and what his new budget that entirely eliminates the Dept. of Education contains, check out his awesome CPAC 2013 speech.


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CPAC 2013 Allen West Full Speech Video At Conservative Political Action Conference 40th Anniversary

Allen West Facebook Cover Timeline CoverColonel Allen West gave an absolutely amazing speech at CPAC 2013. Here is the antithesis of Barack Obama, a strong black Conservative Republican who is a doer, not a talker. Not a speech writer and an academic professor, but a war veteran who talks the talk, but also walks the walk. Let’s hope our next President is more like Lt. Col. Allen West.


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